Ladies of hive community contest #78

Thanks to @tibaire for this week questions.
It reminds me of a great teacher and boss.

Answering to question number one :

1️⃣ We have all had a person who has helped us grow. Sometimes that teacher taught us with love, other times learning was a challenge. We want you to tell us about that person who helped you in the evolution of your life, it could be a boss, a friend, an acquaintance, a coworker, etc.


I wasn't growing in the field, infact I didn't know much about it yet I studied it for 2 years plus. Will I say it's because of how I saw it. It was just a survival of the fittest, "cram and pour" that's what we usually call it in school. The other teachers will shift it to the next and next until the next doesn't come again, and the blame will be on you.
With an annoying saying of "you were taught".
Like when? That's an unanswered question to yourself and will forever be answered by you. To me then,I had a feeling that they know the answer but feel that is not their fault. That's how life works, and it goes from generation to generation.

Heavens are on your side when you are able to learn or know those things that are not taught by yourself.

Okay,let me introduce you to my amazing wonderful teacher, Dietitian Beatrice. I met her during my industrial training in the hospital.
The training was for three months, the first 2 months was awful.
She was hard on me, she never gave me a break.
She could always give me an activity to do at any slight chance and a daily assignment to complete before end of work.
Ooooh my, she was very strict no jokes.
But the third month,she was very gentle with me and jovial. Wow that shocked me though.
I learnt a lot during that period, when I appreciated her more was after the training.
We held a seminar on what we did, and mine was good, lecturers were just nodding.
And after the training I was able to understand other things taught.
I was very glad I met her.

Thanks for reading.
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