LOH CONTEST 116: Basking in the Warmth of Korea

It was more or less a no brainer for me, when I had to write on this.There’s a country I’ve always dreamed of visiting, since I was little......

If you are to take a trip this year to another place or country that you've never been to before, where would you go and what will you be doing there?

As a kid, eight pm on our favorite TV station was strictly for Korean series. Most of the Korean series shown were the historical ones, and that’s when I fell in with the Korean culture.

So yes, without a doubt, if I could take a trip this year to another country, it would definitely be...

South Korea

There’s a lineup of places I’d already planned to go, and things I’d already planned to do, as well as see. And also, food I would love to try(yeah, no surprise there. Definitely going mostly for the food.😋)

First, I’d go the capital city, Seoul.


Seoul is known for its amazing pop culture, beautiful parks, as well as sizzling night life. So it’s obviously a very attractive place for someone like me who sees the world as a more intriguing place at night. I would visit the Lotte World amusement park. I’ve heard of it, and seen videos and of course, so I know it’s a place to have a wonderful time. Of course, we cannot forget about SHOPPING! As an ardent follower of Korean beauty hacks, and self care routine, I would love to buy as many beauty products…(as I can afford😂) I’m finally at the citadel of all things flawless skin, why not knock myself out while I’m here?!

The second place I’d love to visit in Korea is Jeju Island.


If you’re a lover of K-drama as I am, you would have, without a doubt heard of the place- Jeju Island. Even the indigenes of South Korea mention it as the ideal vacation/relaxation spot. Jeju Island is known for its pristine beauty and as a lover of nature’s great gifts, I’d be absolutely pumped to be there. I would love to go to the Hyeopjae and Hamdeok beach, and simply bask in the beauty of the place….and of course, see the beautiful sunset.🌺

Finally, the third place I would love to visit is Busan.


(I know right, it’s impossible to go on a trip to Korea, and not want to visit Busan🥺) Busan is rich in its cultural heritage; beautiful beaches, and magnificent mountains, so I would definitely love to visit there. I would view the amazing scenery from the Diamond bridge, and also go witness the Hurshimchung Hot springs. Howeve, the most appealing aspect of Busan to me is definitely, and most certainly….. (drumrolls please✨🤗) THE FOOD!!



I have positively died of want, watching K-dramas and wishing for a taste of the food…so I know I’d utilize the entire trip, having a fill of the wonderful dishes. I’d try Tteok-bokki🍲, hotteok, bibimbap🥘, kimchi, bulgogi🍱…..and so many others. And of course, the indispensable ramyeon.🍜


All in all, I’m going to learn. Learn everything I need to about a country I’ve grown to love so much. I’m already fully immersed in learning the Korean language, so of course I’ll have a blast trying to see how much I’ve learnt, trying to communicate with the people, and reading signs, billboards etc on my own. It all sounds very exhilarating. I’ll listen and pay attention to everything and everyone I meet. And through it all, I’ll make sure to have undiluted, undisputed FUN!🎉

And here I go, already lost in my fantasy. But yeah, if I had the chance to take a trip anywhere, it would most definitely be South Korea. And I know, within my heart, I’ll go there soon.

Thank you to the Ladies of Hive for giving me this chance to express just how much I love this country.
Thanks for reading.❤️

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