Hello beautiful ladies of Hive, I’m happy to be here and I trust that all of us are doing wonderfully.

if you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?

When I saw this, the first thing that got into my head was “why was the same question being repeated?” till I read and saw that the verbs were different. Visiting and Living. And I guess it’s the best follow up question because it’s one thing to visit a place, and another to live there.

So with that knowledge, I have no hesitations to say it would be no other place than my home country, Nigeria.

One of the paramount reasons I’d want to remain in my country is for Nearness to family. As Africans, family and culture is paramount in our hearts, and no matter how estranged I am with my family emotionally, I would always want to be newt them, to be close to them and there for them when they need my help and when I need theirs.

And like the saying goes, charity begins at home. No matter who I am, and what I’ve become, if I don’t impact my people, sharing the blessings of life with them just as much as I’ve been blessed, I can’t say to have achieved anything. As much as I’ve grown, and I’ve achieved, it would be my greatest joy to make an impact in my home country, before advancing globally.

So without a doubt, I’ll still do lots of travelling as I love to travel, but in the end, I’ll always want to be home. Cause it’s where I belong.

Where would you like to be in five years, where would you see yourself?

I don’t really know how right it is, but I really wasn’t the kind or person to set terminal goals for myself. Of course, we all have dreams where we’re like “I hope to achieve this one day,” but this contest gave me the opportunity to think critically and actually set my goals with a fixed time period.

So first off, I see myself being done with school, or at least at the verge of finishing. In a country like mine where academic strikes could last for many months and even sometimes a year or more, it’s almost impossible to achieve your set academic goals. So, I really hope I could achieve my academic goals in the span of time I’ve set for myself.

In five years, I would like to have built myself, mentally, emotionally, financially and otherwise. I would have perfected my skills in writing, and not just do it as a pastime, but as a career from which I make ends meet. I would like to have created an impact, no matter how little in the writing community.

I see myself being independent, able to fend for myself and not having the depend on my parents or others for my finances. I would like to be able to take care of my family and loved ones the way they deserve, for all the support and care they’ve shown me.

And most of all, I see myself being happy. Having achieved the things I’d set after five years, I’m basking in the euphoria of the things I’ve been able to achieve and then start working on goals I still hope to achieve in the next five years.

I want to say a big thank you to the Hive community. And to the ladies of Hive for the opportunity to share our dreams and hopes, and supporting each other through words of hope and encouragement to achieve those dreams.

Thanks for reading.❤️

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