Without balance, life goes away... || LOH Contest #132

In this regard, I have the opportunity to share with you who read me, what I do, and I reflect on the answer to the second (2) question, especially with you Irene, who proposes it for this week's contest.

It really leaves a lot to reflect on, especially in those paragraphs that I took from the film and that were part of the message that the Chef's character intended to leave: "Even if you have eaten a lot during the day, the HUNGER is still present; the hunger for Approval, the hunger to Feel Like Someone Special; the hunger for experiences that were previously exclusive..."

"The only thing you will think about is when you will fall off the Cliff and cling to success without understanding what you have lost, like friends; and you will lose other transcendental things. That is the taste of being very special. In the end, we are simple and ordinary people, we are human beings."

An introspective look…mine...

Many times we spend our lives wanting to fit in, even when we are essence instead of presence; we are an appearance borrowed for the game of life. We focus so much on how we look on the outside, on the things we want to have besides the power to be above others, that we forget to live.

To be loved and accepted, we must have a "perfect" body according to what society imposes; we forget that we are perfect, even if we do not have the size that others want.

We learn that always being impeccable in front of others will give us more value, because people like perfect measurements, more expensive clothes and beautiful people... by the way, like the one they present in the movie, that even eating and satiating their hunger with all the deadly sins present, they all looked perfect bodies and faces.

We forget that we are born dressed with our own skin, our genes, our race, our measurements, our features; but also with our essence. That when we leave this plane, only the shell remains; the perfect body that we have and that we do not see; while the essence disappears, and then we are nothing... more than bones and meat.

In hunger movie, we can observe that the decisions in our real life are unconscious, and I am also in that process of realizing it. Make changes, especially in my behavior regarding money and food and I know where it comes from, I have it perfectly identified.

Despite the hunger of living with a lot of anguish, anxiety and inner restlessness, besides that all our actions have a cause, even what you like to eat has an unconscious emotional root that can originate from a lack of maternal or paternal love, desires for protection, longings to feel more love and kindness from people, injustices, give him the sweetness that he does not receive outside, through crunching and chewing we replicate our anger and dissatisfaction with life, many times we chew and gnash between our teeth what we dare to say because of the constant repressed anger.

Wondering, and is this life?

We want excitement, intensity and more action in our lives, but fear prevents it. We forget to live, because life takes its course, even if we are aware of our imperfections and treat ourselves so hard, that we forget that we are beautiful in the eyes of God and in the eyes of those who look at our essence and not our appearance.

Our stay on earth can sometimes seem long, everything changes if we practice the act of gratitude daily. When we don't know how to do it, we keep feeding those thoughts and that emotional state until we become him...hunger that wears away our self-love, our mental health.

We live blaming the rest of the world for our conflict. That's why it's so important to have an introspective look and work on yourself to have a positive impact in all areas of our life.

At the end of the film there is the message of the family united in love, in the simple and the everyday that connects with healthy ties in coexistence.

Today, I choose loving words for all of us who are united in ladies of hive. We are different people, women with different experiences, but with the same purpose... Self-knowledge ourselves to discover who we really are.

Being able to observe, savor and breathe every moment in connection with the sacred nature, the family is a great reason for gratitude and is a healing act in itself, because it teaches us to cultivate love and compassion for ourselves.

In the cover image, my first strawberries of the season, well, it was big strawberries, or extra large strawberries because, with that size... but very rich, sweet-tasting, delicious not acidic, I don't like the flavor acidic in strawberries. I repeated that ration three times last night, before dinner.

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