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1️⃣Scenario 1: A reputation 52 friend says that she no longer wants to be active in Hive, claiming that she can't make the time, the coin is so low valued, and only a few people ever read her posts. What could you do to encourage and help her to keep trying? Writing tips? Time management?

We Are two equals

I understand that you want to give yourself space to decide what you're going to do. Maybe in this now you admit that you are absent, that you want to take a distance, take a pause, because you need to meet again and look at new perspectives; breathe your own air, to move on.

I also understand that you can't publish just because of "duty", that for you these spaces in the hive are necessary to use your publications and heal yourself, "publish with purpose" and to give to others, from love, and without appearances. That you don't want to prove anything to anyone, just prove to yourself everything that you are capable of creating.

Maybe you think that sometimes your ideas run out, or you don't know what to write about, or that they become monotonous, that they are full of appearances, pure banality, or you have written too much about your intimate and personal life (although we know a great effort, dedication and creative work that is behind your publications); maybe that generates a lot of stress and fatigue.

What can you do to make this way of seeing your “now” change for you, Marta?

It requires a respectful conception of your nature and the capacity you have as a human being, it requires willingness (and availability) not to rush the times, it requires a lot of personal work to keep the senses awake, it requires humility to know how to stay expectant, it requires studying/preparing a lot to know how to value and protect the incredible event about your creation.

Close cycles and allow the new to arrive in your life, and that implies opening a new path. Remember that when we write from the heart and not from recognition, the information reaches the heart, so that your wisdom continues to resonate with life.

Write a publication with our ideas is our best defense against all death to creation, it is the triumph of life

Dedicate yourself to the most productive and that gives you the most satisfaction. Decide to keep making a way when walking, do not let yourself be distracted by the environment, and do not let yourself be confused. Give free rein to your creativity guided by your convictions, by a heart full of courage, by an inexplicable confidence, and fulfill your most important commitments. The ones who will take you to the next level of your life in the hive to help you, always, and to inspire others.

It leaves a legacy for those who are new income in this platform and for those who are about to make the decision to be Hivers to help and inspire others.

We fight so that our publications have more likes or more followers; just to feel recognized and valued; but we forget to "self-recognize" ourselves... Tough, isn't it? Take this pause with awareness and rethink your new publications from what generates calm and peace for you.

We can't stop time, much less save it for later

You must be aware that time is running out, it should be the engine enough to take advantage of every minute of your life creating, and building what you long to share with each publication what you do, and think. Everything counts, you just have to be clear, organized, and convinced of what you want to achieve on the platform.

Fulfill your activities' agenda, tasks, and advance in each project to be published, nothing can wait so long Marta, by then it's too late!. In these circumstances, in such uncertain moments for you, just accept (without being resigned) the reality as you perceive it and set your sights on the future...

In your gaze, I know that clarity, light, and new opportunities will appear that will protect you from hopelessness and discouragement Marta be inspired by your faith, confidence, and your strengths, all those that you have acquired and developed thanks to the socio-economic and political crises that we all live through, not only you suffer from them, there are many of us who maybe at some point we have thought the same “take a break in the hive” ... throw in the towel for adversities that we face on a day-to-day basis.

Digest bitterness (claiming lack of time, very low Hive coin value, or that no one follows you) without taking it personally, without it fueling pessimism or unfortunate thoughts; trusting you is a whole art, an inner balance.

We are two equals and I intend with my gaze to walk by your side Marta so that you keep trying, and do not give up what you write in the hive, and I wish that it becomes every day an act of inspiration, creation, and passion with what you contribute “You come and go as many times as you want” we will always be here who follow you from the heart, hugs of light for you.

Last but not least, visualize the sweet rewards without being naive, candid, or getting "stuck in consoling fantasies“ so that you are not a slave to money and work only for it; learn that in the hive there is a whole” mastery in the care and cultivation of what you write from your reality, from the soul".

Thank you, Marta, for being, for every written word feeling described, at the beginning of your account I followed you because it was educational, and with the passage of time you have become motivated, and overcoming you can not imagine how much each word you write has marked me, you are the example to follow, you are the challenge of faith and hope...of all that you have everything you have overcome, and you have acted to be a better human being every day.

Congratulations on your work Marta, for developing your gifts and talents in order to make visible those who have bet on the construction, from within, of all the spaces of this platform. May writing in the hive fill you with life, and you can fill your environment with life.

A Friday to renew, create new ideas and share a coffee…, no filter

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