Traces of my dad in my existence... || LOH Contest #138

My father in his role as a father was a great provider of economic support, he gave structure and support to my family, of a strong character he was the example of work, ethics and strength, something for which he used reason and his humor, for which he earned our respect. He was a member of the army general staff in my country, today at the age of 87 he is a retired military officer.

He loves to be pampered, hugged. Together with my mother, whom he loves deeply, he shared a taste for helping others and so my brothers and I were always surrounded by relatives who were brought to live at home, so they would study and have a future.

A very polite, kind, caring man, with Elsie my mom, with a diaphanous smile. That he never physically abused us. Always on point when dressed in civilian clothes and when he walked with his warrior and military cap, Lucia, straight, firm and always ready to serve his country, a full-fledged man well planted until today's sun. He is still alive and has been living in the USA next to my mother for more than 40 years.

When daddy came on a work trip, we felt the joy in my house. I, along with my younger brothers, received him with great joy, he always came loaded with gifts, he was our Santa Claus haha.

Military, at last he was too skeptical to believe in something or someone at first, he had to be convinced first, but when you entered his kingdom you would never leave it again.

He is a lover of nature, he likes swimming, planting and traveling through Venezuela, his native country and around the world. He tried to stay united to his brothers, and the only one who survived of the 6 brothers in Buenos Aires, Argentina (the latter died 4 weeks ago at the age of 103), was the eldest of his brothers.

In addition, with his current age he loves us and takes care of us with devotion, he always lacked tact to tell the truth, but he knew he had to say it and when he said it, my mom was in charge of gilding the truth pill, lol.

My parents are beautiful and loved, they are an excellent couple, they have 65 years of marriage. I call them the dynamic duo. My dad is a man who feels a lot of pride because all his children (7) in total and still alive, we are professionals, entrepreneurs and loving parents as he taught us.

My dad is the most elegant man on the planet, the great General (Ej) Arratia, ” my dad" nothing more and nothing less, proud and happy to have had his love, his jokes, his ideas and his care forever... He has taken the juice out of every day of his life, he is a man who is passionate about everything and wants to learn what he does not know.

He is dazzled by the entire virtual universe, because he feels that he has the world of technological knowledge at his fingertips.

More and more he enjoys the most essential things in life, today at almost 87 years of age he has returned to the purity of that beautiful "Blond child", fascinated by everything, grateful for every detail and proud, very proud of the harvest he has been reaping with everything he sowed throughout his life.

Little by little I have seen the beauty in his golden years, full of joy, of the certainty of love, full of all his faculties, he still exercises daily. Dad is full of life, loving life and appreciating the life he has next to his eternal girlfriend, my mom Elsie, as it touched him.

I'm still in my waters of happiness, I still miss you physically because he doesn't live in my country, when I think about Dad I can feel little flashes of light in my cloudy sky... Wanting to have him by my side.

I want to honor the life you gave me by loving it as much as you love it...

That is my commitment although, for now, I have a generous, sharp, affectionate, cheerful, intelligent dad, taking care of me and accompanying me during my growth and development by his side in my childhood and adolescence, he leaves in me a beautiful legacy to fully love life, as long as it is lived.

I will love my father with all my heart forever.

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