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One of the best summers vacations of my life, was like this for several years. IN FAMILY + PLAYING + NATURE = HAPPINESS, sometimes I think I would give half the time I have left of life, to relive those days of union and harmony in family... at least I felt that way and with enthusiasm and joy, I loved to go hiking there and take them to see the world, with my husband.

The day I had my penultimate vacation with my family years ago, I had no idea how deep the waters I was sailing. Thanks for bringing these memories to my attention today, Ladies Of Hive.

I was going with my husband, my daughters and my only concern was that the safety of my family, my books and a few things had a place in the suitcases lol. When we traveled we took drinking water, nebulizer, obviously medicines for vomiting, pain, repellent, sunscreen, mats, food, juices.... Haha, haha if we wore changes of clothes when we went to McDonald's lol.

What a time of great responsibility, trust, safety and fun!.

If they were going for the sports activities of the place we were visiting, they would still bring everything that had to do with their sports activities and recreation bicycles, balls, skateboards, of course depending on the place a is true that thinking about it carefully was a job that did not weigh. Totally I did not even remember this loving responsibility, everything I did was done with love, affection, illusion and detachment.

Some years have passed since that time with my daughters still under my tutelage, training, care, and a few more times I have packed my suitcase and with the suitcases I made myself again, each time with new pieces. The movement of the holidays is telluric and fascinating to me, in view of the unexpected events that always arise at the last minute to

The last few hours at home before traveling are like a movie. A lot of things happen in slow motion, like being sure that everything planned is in the suitcases. Some might be imperceptible on another occasion and just at that moment they remain etched in the memory forever

It's as if you photograph everything, because you know that the trip is long, and you are going with the responsibility of taking care of the safety, confidence and comfort of the family.

When they were children I never went out alone with them, but when we went on a trip to any place inside or outside the country, J. R, my husband, would take us to the vacation spot, leave the van and fly back to our city until the weekend he returned and so during the school month, he always accompanied us (he is mama hen).

We had enrolled them in a summer camp in Orlando, USA for a month, and then we would travel to New York. I was supposed to leave in a week with them alone....but JR couldn't stand it he made some changes at the office, at his job and got on that flight with us to enjoy as a family.

My youngest daughter, as a child she was very elusive, and she blended in with the environment, climbed or hid in furniture, drawers and fell asleep. I remember that on one occasion she gave us some scares, to the point of once closing the doors at the Boston airport because the girl decided to walk in search of a bathroom. What a terror I lived, ugh. She appeared 10 eternal minutes later by the hand of a security person at the airport. Security found her right away when obviously I hit the panic button.

That's just an anecdote to remember about their safety and how important it was for us as parents, both on trips and in the daily family chores. The holidays left thousands of images imprinted on my heart and very few on my phone. I was totally devoted to my family, to the landscape, to the gastronomic flavors of the places visited and especially connected with an important milestone: finding a little paradise to enjoy.

Nowadays, my holidays are as a couple and the safety of us always prevails. I have the excitement of the holidays, of going to a place that is new for the 2 of us, of seeing the sea and of the rest days.

After the holidays, I always came back with the word 'slack' dancing between my lips. Why? Because I still want looseness in my body, that clothes are comfortable and allow me to express all my facets at the same time, and looseness at the limits of my own self-demand. Also slack in my bank account so that the money allows me to live some experiences without added pressure on my future holidays lol.

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