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I cook fast, not because I am very dexterous, in any case rather lazy. The thing is that I don't like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen and be smelling of seasoning all the time.

But as by condition of life, I work all day with other responsibilities under my belt I'm always looking to simplify my life, I started to buy vegetables, cut them, put them in plastic bags and freeze them. Not everything can be frozen but onion, paprika, carrot, sweet pepper, potato, celery Spain, leek. Also fruits and portioned proteins just to get what I need and no more.

Whenever I can count on a fridge on

I don't waste food, I do it quickly, and I have fewer things to look out for that get damaged in the refrigerator. I also make the pesto to preserve the basil, a processed dressing for quick seasoning. He refused the bags so he only dedicated half an hour to that when I buy the vegetables because I send the proteins to be portioned when I go to the butcher's.

It's amazing how adjusting my meals with this method that works for me improves my quality of life and sleep (good rest, good sleep). Besides, I am a timeless woman savoring life, my life, so varied.

I don't know if it will be because of things of modernity, of minimalism so in vogue but…

One gets tired of cooking, sweeping leaves and cleaning everywhere, so my apology for being a minimalist goes to the most to enjoy cooking and less, but at the moment it is what it is, with my husband in sight that flatters me, lol... but seriously! He almost always cooks more than I do. I have the soul of an artist, I am creative in everything I do.

But now what I'm going to is that when you are creative you are in everything you do, the artist creates, invents, he can't help it, in all the unique processes in my life that express intention of all the love and effort I put into my various daily activities.

An inspiration, an example, an unparalleled talent, a silent process.

There is nothing more relaxing and healing than simplifying my life. My soul is a garden and my job is to take care of it lovingly in that journey of pruning to grow and gardening to heal the soul, pulling the grass, fertilizing and admiring the new and beautiful that life gives me in this time that I take for myself.

It is also like music that marks times, tells history and is in moments that become the internal soundtrack of our lives.

I think all the magic in this shortcut is reflected in not forgetting to taste the food, carefully, even if it is only bread and water. And to find some moment in the day, even if it is short and brief, to raise my gaze upwards, and thanks for the miracle of health, that mystery and fantastic internal balance.

Is there anything more relevant than giving the body rest and energy to continue on the path?

From an ideal forged by fire, which I pursued without realizing it, I have taken the best shortcut for my life, I recognize my priorities, and limits, and I have left the laudable ghost that underlies demanding myself feeling that I must do something as not to waste time.

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