Remembering a beautiful time… || LOH Contest #136

Where the future was promising... The lightest present... the past, just the peace and joy of childhood.

I remember the day we moved to a new house, I was about three years old, and my dad Manuel was sorting things out in the backyard, and he was incessantly calling me "Jaàaani, Jaaaaniiii" when I ran into the yard, there was a girl about five (5) years old leaning over the wall more or less contemporary with my age.

Surprised, I saw my dad giving him an Archie cartoon. Thank you!- i answered the girl who apparently was also called Jani and disappeared behind the wall, my dad turned and said to me: I didn't want to break that girl's illusion and I knew that you would also like to give her one of the many Archie comics that you have, right? And I answered: Nooo, they were mine, Dad, and I left crying.

It's nice to remember, it reconnects me with my essence.

Over time, I played a lot with my neighbor Jani, even if it hasn't been for a long time, because she moved away from my neighborhood at the age of two; I also understood that since we were very young we face attachment and detachment, selfishness, and many other challenges of coexistence that only our parents guide according to their own resources. I am grateful every day to have the parents I chose, fortunately they are beautiful and healthy elderly people aged 84 and 87, they still live their life to the fullest in health, and they always tell me live your here and now daughter without attachments from the past just take the good from it.

I try as much as possible not to gloat in the past. The past catches and has no end. The crystals of my present life are clouded, and of my gaze with longing. Unless I'm looking for an answer to something I've already done. Returning to the past fills one with nostalgia and does not let one appreciate the good and beautiful of the here and now that is always waiting by my side.

Let's remember the past, to appreciate the way we have traveled, to see what we have grown, to value and reinforce learning, to improve what needs to be improved and to surpass ourselves and above all to be grateful for the place where we are now!.

"Memory is the scribe of the soul" Aristotle.

Yesterday I heard this accurate phrase in a movie of those that are beautiful "Book Thief" And there is nothing more true... remembrance is responsible for forever imprinting in the soul each day that passes with its own experiences and sometimes transcribes them with its own ink leaving the taste of the written emotions.

I try to learn from those memories to repeat what brings me to a good port and to know which way I should not take again... What is beyond my control to teach me the humility of understanding and acceptance. And that in the good chapters I can always find the leitmotif more to move forward.

My photo today in front of a camera... "memories of a yesterday"... while my personal scribe (myself) was writing a beautiful chapter in the soul. I wish for all my dear ladies that the soul of all will be written with the happiest memories... Finally, everything leads us to grow in the most important thing of any celebration: Gratitude!

Happy Friday!. To all, thank you for reading me. For accompanying me in this way. Thank You so much, indeed

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