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Because she, anxiety is also an engine that mobilizes us to make our dreams come true, the one that moves us to change, to improve, to grow.

I have always lived thinking positively, also understanding that things could go wrong, from that point I tend to establish a plan "B" to move forward and if it goes wrong, I have plan C.

So far I don't live on disappointments, or anxiety, but on resilience and this has kept me calm, my husband always tells me that I walk with "the roof tiles" in place.

Of course, I agree with J.R, my husband seems to me very good in the comparison with my mind (mental health) as long as the roof tiles are aligned everything works better in the head. That means living according to our biological, physical and social well-being.

It's like abandoning exaggerated self-pity to get out of the hole where we are and truly live. For now, I'm in search of balance living one day at a time, because life is a roller coaster, and I can't control that.

Now, anxiety is one thing and depression is another, one obeys the catastrophic ideas or not and emotions about the future, which are awakened in the individual by fear or fear, repetitive and incessant that generate anxiety in today, thinking excessively about the future. However, 90% of these thoughts never happen.

On the other hand, Depression is a clinical entity where the individual presents a state of dysthymia (Low self-esteem, feeling of incapacity, feeling of hopelessness, pessimism, lack of energy for no obvious reason that justifies the reluctance, sadness, hopelessness, even coming to question why to live like this.

And that they are due to imbalances in the neurotransmitters due to hormonal alterations, psychosocial, work, or relationship stress and lack of structure in the personality, these are psychological defense mechanisms of each individual.

Also, chronic degenerative diseases such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, rheumatoid arthritis condition the path to depression.

So anyone in the world today is prone to suffer from them, both anxiety and depression.

I know what it's like to live with anxiety and I always say that I don't wish it even on my worst enemy, sometimes it can be hell.

She can be a symptom that something is not right in our internal world, something worries us, worries us, makes us feel guilty, turns around in our heart or in our stomach.

I think the most difficult thing about having anxiety is being able to control thoughts, because they are the ones who control us and this produces errors or distortions of thoughts that threaten our mental and emotional health.

To the point of living with panic attacks or generalized anxiety about thoughts that are not good.

Saying "calm down, everything is fine" in those cases, does not reassure, you have to work on it, understand it, analyze the sensations, the thoughts, the facts that accompany it, the levels of demand, the expectations, etc.

As a woman when she arrives, we have to work on the body, words, dreams, even the songs that come across in our life, to dismantle what generates her in our feminine psychic world, be it a previous trauma or simply how we have built our own world of meanings.

But to act in the world if a minimum amount of anxiety is needed, for example: before an exam, before an exhibition or teaching a class, before receiving the results of medical tests, before getting married, before graduating, before making a trip to the place that you feel will give you more well-being, it is natural, positive, constructive to feel anxiety.

Changes are scary, anxious, but before them, let yourself be surprised, life is wise and without crisis there is no creation, no progress.

Prioritizing yourself may seem selfish, but it's actually an act of generosity!

Our hormones are our allies.

Reconciling ourselves with ourselves, with our nature, is the first great step to make ourselves masters of our personal power, that creative and life-sustaining power.

Nice Friday to everyone in these Ladies Of Hive community, may this start of the weekend be constructive, gentle with our hearts and inspiring for each of our projects.

Grateful for this proposal for this week's contest @joanstewart.


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