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1️⃣ What lifestyle plans have you made for 2023? Are you going to be visiting friends and family more regularly? Over the past couple of years of not seeing loved ones, has your attitude altered rather to face the future visiting and caring for each other as was previously done, being by the side of those requiring help, the young desperately needing extended families, meeting to encourage natural immunities, or whatever life throws our way?

My ancestral recipe

Today nothing begins and nothing ends. At least I am the same as always, and I want the same as every day... (To stay alive -really alive-) with an ancestral recipe I add more : physical activity, immersion in nature, love for what I do, a soul friend, good companions, social and affective interaction, achieving goals (no matter how small), laughter, hugs, leaving problems where I can solve them and not always carry them on my back... This is part of what fosters my natural immunity... voilà!... That's all!

Every morning I close my eyes for a little while to remember that I have spirit and that I am alive (really alive)

Every day I want to surprise myself in the middle of the afternoon with an involuntary smile of gratitude in my mind, and if I don't succeed, I try to turn my sadness into seawater so that then they will be the ones that give me meaning.

I always want to know that I am loved and loving, that this is my personal seal, and repeat the prayer in which I ask God that whoever sees me sees him and that wherever I am he is. Every day, I want to know that I turn on lights, or at least I try to turn them on.

Every day I "am" my daughters, my family, my friends, and my loves, in 2022, in 23, and in 3001 as well

My resolutions for 2023... The same as in 2022: to do many experiments (with me as the experimental subject), to perfect my "yes" for all adventure proposals, to increase my creativity to dream and plan many others, to discover portals in every person I meet, to have the magic to turn the simple things in life into delicious events, to embrace challenges and invent the character I want to be in front of them...

And why not? To go towards the light of things and let nature (including the human being) teach me... let it all add up. Bliss and fulfillment can be experienced in simple but very meaningful experiences.

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Today, I celebrate myself for giving myself the opportunity to live it, even when I had to transcend some fears. In the images, the nature teacher shows my inner self. Blessed 2023 and the rest of the days to live for everyone.

2️⃣ With Inflation hitting most countries, what plans have you made to keep within budgets? Are you armed with information before doing your grocery shopping, paying insurance bills, and utility bills? All is ever increasing, except earnings, where many obtain no inflationary increase — or worst still, not earning an income.

Inflation levels are high

The country that I am in was not the perfect democratic model, but it had a strong currency, even at the international level "The Silver Bolivar", with the figure of Simon Bolivar of libertarian character.

The Bolivar had the basic requirements as an exchange currency, and a reference of value to be recognized as the only currency in Venezuela and to acquire products, services, and any other goods for their value in each of its denominations, without the need for other foreign currencies to preserve its value in time.

Today everything is different to stay within the budget with our monetary sign, the bolivar (it is totally devalued), it does not meet any requirement to be classified as such.... today the circulating currency ($) is the one that moves in a black market that is taking us to inflationary indexes that are lost of sight because the salaries and wages in the public company are paid in bolivars, only those who work for the private company receive dollars (underpaid) because the salaries are very low in that currency... Observe and judge yourself.

I make this frame of reference (background) to put in context for those who read this post

Many years ago we (my husband and I) made a daily record of all our expenses because we wanted to know our real expenses, so for a year we were writing down in a notebook daily even the snacks and parking.

The result allowed us to know what was the "ant cost" of sweets, cakes, and ice cream that you do not realize, but that adds up at the end of the month. We wanted to buy goods and take vacations, and we had to budget, you know schools, extracurricular activities, ...for the family, two (2) daughters and us.

Since then, we have learned to budget

We made lists to work from. I remember that even when the girls (daughters) were grown up, they used to say: "tell daddy because what goes on the budget list does not happen". As time went by we already knew the minimum necessary expenses, the payments, and how much we could save.

It was a very different economy and so small the national production diminished (this country was the fifth economy in the Americas)

When the balance went against us, (situation, country) we thought we had to move to where the value of work was not deteriorated as in our country... To emigrate, however, the decision to do so was aborted for health reasons, it was when I got sick with cancer, and thank God that is past history, and today I am a healthy woman.

When inflation levels began to rise, superfluous expenses disappeared and expenses and income were evaluated weekly because the income became salt and water in bolivars and had to be exchanged quickly for goods and services or in another currency or good that was more stable. Thank God at that time we did not have any debt.

Today, we keep an eye on inflation. We keep making a list and budgeting our life, and expenses in our country, because they are always unpredictable and unstoppable. We try to keep the payments up to date because one day late you lose the effort to privilege food, health, study, and maintenance in that order. The entertainment we also have only if it is good, nice, and free, for now, we do a lot of walks in parks, beaches, nature, and morning yoga among other things.

I am one of those who think that dreams are not achieved only by dreaming, you have to work. And not only work, but work with discipline, and reevaluate to persist until the goal is achieved. It may not even resemble the original idea, but it was the goal that achieved the dream.

In short, a lot of rhetoric is diluted in the day-to-day and the difficulties of our lives, but it is true. A palpable reality that is for many unknown, for others unattainable, because of the hard struggle of changing habits.

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