It is the law of life, we are the story || LOH Contest #126

3️⃣ Which society would have the best chance of survival? And why?

Neither of the two, because there is no possibility of new generations, which perpetuate the human species. Both men and women need each other to survive as a species we decide to flourish to realize what we have lived and prepare for what is to come.

In the metaphor of life, everything biologically moves for the miracle to occur, and everything has its time, why expect to skip the process? To separate men and women into societies. For a human to transform he has to wait 9 months, how long does a process take then? in the process, we went from one scene to another in this play called Life, with special effects and everything.

Biologically, it is the way of all species to keep ecosystems in balance. Each one procreates with his species and each other species are balanced or predating each other, or supporting each other, or doing symbiosis, etc. It is a law of life that is gestated with the vibration and the consciousness of universal love.

Women are the perpetrators of the species, we are mothers, we gather the surrounding herd, we protect, and we get a provider to help us maintain the emotional and psychological conditions for all the members of the family.

Trying to segregate ourselves takes away the meaning of life.

Helping each other, uniting for the common good by strengthening our gifts and sharing them is excellent, but never against the structure of society.

The history of man and the masculine, for years has been demanded and expected too much from them, has been pointed out for not becoming, has been said "man is not people” and so on and on. But with this feminine revolution, it has stopped looking at the beginning of life.

Human life, is a transition, because at the beginning we are all spermatozoa and all life givers are recognized by the invaluable force of contributing, bearing the feminine role is to sustain life and this is not machismo or feminism, it is biology.

The true feminine revolution begins with respect for the masculine.

We are the story of our ancestors and our mission is to transcend it is a blessing to be the genesis in life, therefore the story of being parents begins with the couple, with the dance of life, is to realize that we are not alone and that we must as a society give shine to the inner diamond to bring it to light for the good of humanity.

We all have a mission in this society and that is to recognize ourselves as human beings, our mind knows in perception of beginnings, endings, up, down, and we are always separating ourselves from the "Whole are one", and we believe that we are fewer the women than men and men more than women and all that is called EGO who is the one who identifies the belief systems.

I celebrate that the specific and special condition that women and men live in our cyclicality is increasingly dignified, and even more so in everything that being born represents, to grow and mature, to cultivate our emotional intelligence and spiritual wisdom. There is nothing like making conscious use of our knowledge, gifts and virtues since it allows us to know a lot about them men and women.

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