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1️⃣ If you are to take a trip this year to another place or country that you've never been to before, where would you go and what will you be doing there?

Every trip has its charm

Each experience nourishes and enriches me in its own way, it has also challenged and challenged me, it has made me go through my fears it is an experience of recollection, of attention in action. To be attentive and grateful for all that nature gives me and everything that surrounds me. Marveling at all that I have overlooked every time I have crossed the bridge over the lake in my city to the race "on the highway".... Literally and metaphorically.

For this year we all want to be together somewhere in the world where there are no problems and to be able to get together as a family. We are still in the project phase since everyone has their life, and their work, and we have to make them coincide, perhaps on non-Christmas dates so that they can share with their other families.

Maybe Lisbon or Spain, the old world has a lot to offer for all tastes, prices, flavors, and colors. On the other hand, I have to get an American tourist visa that expired for me to go to Boca Raton, Florida, so I could see my parents.

Saving in times of inflation is uphill, but you have to keep hope alive and tighten your belt so that this meeting is possibly achievable.

From another (spiritual) point of view, I would go to the vastness of the life of a jungle

The life I was given was chosen like this... haphazard and I pointed to the experience to go through it and in some cases transcend it and be able to tell me What do I feel is born in me today? What are the symbolism of making a journey for my being and my soul?

I live, and I wish to live this time (January-December 2023) as a time and space for introspection, to validate that time is not linear and to feel how everything changes every moment. A time to value what I was and am, what I had and have... what has been achieved and overcome and what still hurts and heals... It is a time that, within the social maelstrom, is going to give me to be with myself to hug me and give me what makes me good.

I breathe with relief with me and for me, I feel the security of letting go (me)... because the challenges continue, but my attitude is different. It also moves me that pretending to give me love, companionship, comfort, and impulse, is just what I have received and maybe what I am receiving. I am grateful for the calm that reigns in my being. No one will do it for me.

2️⃣ Share the craziest thing you've done in the previous year (if any). Would you do it again?

Having a good day is a decision

The craziest thing that happened to me last year was when we were going to the Dominican Republic for my husband's work reasons, after having planned everything we left for the airport which is an hour from my city, we had already checked in the night before, pre-baggage clearance and everything, (at least this forecast) helped, the flight was two hours away from departure (take-off) and when we went to get out of the taxi, I realized that I had left the money and passport in my wallet at the apartment. It took an hour for the taxi driver to bring us back, and when I arrived at the apartment, the wallet did not appear.

It was a tenacious three hours, between going to the apartment, getting my wallet, and returning to the airport

I had left it hanging on the handle of the bathroom inside, it occurred to me to do my urinary urination with the typical expression “I better pee before leaving for the airport” and that's how my wallet was forgotten. The taxi driver flew down the road, and we were the last to go through immigration and board the flight. I prayed the whole way mechanically just thinking about planning so much for so long to fulfill that purpose and there was a possibility that we would not board.

An Amazing Thing

When the plane took off, my eyes shed tears alone, without emotion, one after another for about half an hour until I calm down. There are moments in life when we do not feel that support, it only remains to run to those shelters, calm down and, very little by little, try to receive, feel and nourish ourselves from them, those beings and/or sacred places for our souls.

I sincerely hope that situations like this I have experienced will never be repeated in my life, or in anyone else's...it was a very crazy and stressful moment. Finally, after what happened, I made the decision that this would be my best day, and I was not going to repeat the narrative of these memories anymore.

I just want to travel with hummingbirds, and angels and be moved to the mysteries of life, that ineffable dimension of being human that pulsates like a star, with moments of a lot of light and other moments of a lot of doubt and darkness like those moments lived while I was looking for my lost wallet inside the apartment ... What a moment, oh for God!!!.

I hug every soul that took from my soul that year for its wonderful journey of self-knowledge, and I continue to hug all of us who have already been traveling together for many moons.

In the cover image I recreate "the craziest thing that happened to me when I was going on a trip", so I forgot my wallet on the handle of the bathroom door in my apartment with my passport and money on any Tuesday of 2022.

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