Behind everyone, there is a great woman || LOH Contest #144

Economic injustice and the pay gap

I think that it is a reality, that it is not newborn, since ancient times when the contribution to society of women was to take care of its core: the family.

It's not the eyes, it's the way of looking.

What I am writing and claiming today, ladies and gentlemen, is a declaration of intention, a plea, a vindication, a petition... and I proclaim it to all women because I want to, because they deserve it especially, every day, about freedom and human rights.

In all my spaces and my gestures, I believe in change.

When paradigms begin to change and women become interested in learning, reading, educating themselves. In addition, social paradigms change, women are an efficient working capital, but...when she gets pregnant and has children, whom she converts "is her priority."

My commitment is daily, human, social. And from my freedom I study and exercise my critical spirit. That's why I don't demagogue and differentiate the part from the whole. To be free in the global system, is to be a warrior (always with the suit on, in an eternal struggle like in science fiction stories); empowered, they call us.

The empowerment of women as part of their decisions to be in positions of power, and to be at all levels.

Likewise, the actions to be followed to break with the structural and social stereotypes that they have wanted to impose on us just because we are women and continue to leave us behind without advancing.

Hence, its unfavorable assessment in the economic area. In today's world, that gap with respect to men has decreased (there are many smart women, and men who are very rude, brute, as well… Lol).

However, it is a different reality in each country and the degree of underdevelopment of it. Vile metal and its power moves everything, hence part of the struggle of feminism is to break the concept of family, woman, gender. That is why one feels them so contradictory in their speeches.

There are also many women who have managed to position themselves at all levels and are respected and very reputable in their areas of performance. There are even mafia owners...what can I tell you... historically reviewed.

But the reality is that this world is ruled by men. The deconstruction of a patriarchy that is still latent, and causing damage.

Even if they say that behind everyone there is a great woman. If we are mothers, professionals, wife, daughters, sisters, lover citizens... or none of that, either, or all at once!.

There are, a visible leadership through well-defined feminism. For the struggle — even daily - to conquer the space that is ours and we deserve. Not in front, not behind; on the side, always.

Men may have the power, but the glory is feminine! Haha, haha 😂

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