I Wished For A Snow (Ladies of Hive Contest #91)

July 20, 2022

I was born in a tropical country with only sunny and rainy seasons, but most of the days are sunny days that I feel like, it's always Summer. Bathing twice a day is our way to freshen up our hot bodies (in temperature 😅). It's an advantage though as we stay fairly warm and most produced food is fresh. We don't need to stock food in preparation for cold seasons as we can just buy fresh food every day. We don't need a water heater for bathing as our water is already warm. We don't really need thick jackets to protect ourselves from the cold unless we are living in high mountain areas where the temperature seems like always winter, and unless you are working in a workplace with very cold aircon.

But nowadays, global warming and climate change often impact the country's seasons negatively. It seems to be prone to natural disasters. Just imagine the number of storms visiting each year is as many as the number of months in a year. Sometimes more than that. There is extreme rainfall, and sometimes drought that leads to scarcity of natural resources supplies, especially water and electricity.

Sometimes, it seems like the rain has no end to the point that it will flood places, especially the lowlands. The casualties brought by different typhoons are the most saddening part of climate change in our country.

Summer seems to be extended to the point that I just want to migrate to countries with cold seasons. Have you ever experienced bathing but when you step out of the shower, sweats are dripping, and you feel like you want to shower again, or just soak your body in a tub with iced water? I did experience it many times, especially during Summer.


Since it's sunny most of the time in our country, I yearn to experience winter or cold seasons. I wished to see and touch real snow just like those I am seeing in the movies. Sometimes I would wish to lie down on the bed of snow or make a snowman too. Watching Korean dramas with Autumn episodes made me want to experience the Fall season too and try to catch fallen leaves under the tree, or run in a street blanketed by fallen brown leaves. Isn't it magical and romantic?

In 2017, I got an opportunity to work here in Hong Kong which has four seasons. It was September when I got here and Autumn was about to start. When I witnessed the Fall season and the transition of trees from green to brown, orange, or red, I exclaimed in joy and said, "real Autumn, this is it! pansit!"


I've been waiting for the winter as it would be my first time to experience very cold weather and to wear thick jackets, coats, boots, bonnets, or gloves. Above all, I was excited to see snow. I thought Hong Kong has snow. December came but there was no snow until I found out that HK doesn't snow, only in mainland China, lol. But it's okay, I did see snow in extravagant HK Christmas displays every Christmas season. Just a fake one though 😅.


And if I am a season, hmm... I won't only choose one because it depends on the situation, so I can be the four seasons. I feel like the four seasons are like a lady in her monthly period, lol. The mood easily swings from very fine like Summer, to very moody and cold like Winter.

Sometimes, I'm like Summer in a very fine mood, and that's when I feel too positive and happy. I would smile, I would laugh, I would jump in joy, and I would seize the moment.


But not all days are happy days. There are moments that I feel like the Fall season. I feel regretful, hopeless, and literally falling. I seem not to move on from negative decisions in the past. And when things seem not to fall into place, I feel hopeless, and it seems like my dreams become dead. Oftentimes, I would feel tired, and dry, and would just stumble on the ground.


If those sad feelings continue, I would end up feeling gloomy and sad like Winter, and my life would turn dull, dark, and cold. Sometimes, during those moments, anxiety and depression would arise. It's kind of a struggle to deal with and the bright sun seems to be hiding behind dark clouds. Days would feel so cold that I just want to hide in my room, curl underneath my blanket, and just let myself shed tears until no more emotions are felt, until my tears dry.


But I'm a person who doesn't give up for the sake of my dreams, goals and loved ones. Despite the challenges and dark days, I would pull out the courage to seek light, look for silver linings, regain my hope, bloom, smile again, and start a new life like Spring.


And that's the reason why Spring is my favorite season. We would struggle and stumble, we would be burnt out and fall, we would get depressed about this toxic world and life, we'll get sick and some will die. But Spring reminds us that no matter what happens, there is always hope and a new beginning. If we fall, we can stand up again. If we feel like our world is so gloomy, we can seek the light. If there's death, there's a new life.

So always stay positive and blooming like Spring Ladies 😊.

But aside from Spring, I like Autumn too because I love seeing the rustic and enchanting colors of the trees in the mountains, the fallen leaves on the street, and the beautiful art of undressed trees.

This is my entry to Ladies of Hive #91 Contest.

I'm inviting @lhes @charmingcherry @garrethgrey to join as well.
Good luck ladies

(All photos are mine)

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