Can I Make It To The UK In Five Years? (LOH118)

28th January 2023

If we only have the power to change our life or be to the place we wish to live in without any hassle, we would be happier, right? However, that can only be possible in fiction stories, because nowadays, everything needs effort, time, and money. But as the adage says, "If there's a will, there's a way."

Some years ago, my wish was to work and migrate to places like Japan, Korea, Canada, and New Zealand. But I end up working here in Hong Kong for some reason. The thing is, it is easier to work here, and won't take many difficulties with the application. Unlike in other countries, it would take a lot of time, money, and requirements. One of my purpose in working here though was to make this a stepping stone to other countries. But I was stuck for years for uncountable reasons, lol.

The current LOH Contest asked:

Where would you like to be in five years? Where do you see yourself?

I wish it is just easy to put ourselves in a place or situation we want years from now, but nothing is permanent except for change. Plans and decisions change as well. But if I will be given a chance to be in a certain place in five years, that would be in the UK. Anywhere, as long as it's in the UK.

Although this was one of my wishes back then, I somehow didn't mind it when I started enjoying working in this country. This was ignited when my friend invited me to apply to work in the UK after our contract here in Hong Kong. It is possible if we would push it as I said above, HK is a perfect stepping stone to other countries and more opportunities. There are a lot of Filipinos who are already in the UK from HK.

The only issue in applying is the amount of money. In able to apply to the UK from HK, or even from the Philippines, one must have at least half a million in our currency. And that's too huge and would take a longer time to save. Less than two years isn't enough to save that amount, unless I sell all my assets, including all my cryptocurrencies. I wish the crypto prices would go back to their highest peaks. This wouldn't be my problem.

If I would want to, it is easier to save that amount, only if I am not supporting my family. Unfortunately, I have to send my monthly support to them because my younger siblings are still studying. Otherwise, I could go to the UK anytime I want to. It's just that, there are a lot of considerations to take before pursuing my wants.

But I don't want to lose hope, because it's really one of my dreams to work in the UK. I just wish that something will happen, like a better twist of fate. Win a lottery perhaps? Unfortunately, I'm not betting, lol. It would take more grinding to be able to pursue my dream. But who knows? Five years from now, you'd see me in the UK.

Another question for this contest is:

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?

I wish to work in the UK, so I want to live there too, somewhere in the Netherlands or New Zealand. Why? I love the ambiance and they look like tranquil places to live in. Besides, there are a lot of pretty attractions in these two monarchies.

New Zealand | Image from Pixabay by Holgi

The more I see beautiful photos and blogs taken in these places, the more I desire to visit them. I want to visit places like Paris, Amsterdam, Santorini, and other beautiful places in Europe. I want to see real snow, I want to visit Santa Village, I want to experience new cultures, and experience a different life in a different place.

Amsterdam Netherlands | Image from Pixabay by 1919021

I want to travel and wander around the UK and Europe, and photograph more beautiful places. Besides, I know a lot of blogging friends living in European countries. It would be easier to meet them if I live there too 😊.

Image from Pixabay by SplitShire

However, it is just my dream. Going back to reality, I can't live in a place too far from my family. I want to be with my parents when they get old. I want to see my little siblings growing and achieving the life they wanted. So I might just live on our farm close to nature when I retire 😊. I am still uncertain about where my life would take me after my contract here. Either I continue working here or work at home. Either way, it is fine, for as long as I won't end up living in a slum, lol. But I do like to work in my dream places. I wish and hope for it to come true.

Hey there @saffisara, I hope I am not late yet for this contest. These are my answers to your questions.

Thanks for stopping by and happy weekend.

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