If this painting survives and doesn't get a "paint over" Discomboobalated may be it's name.

I've been trying to get back into my paints a little more often. Sometimes I wonder why... LOL !!! This weekend I did this painting. I had no "vision" before I started.

What do you mean you can tell !!!??? 😄

I normally paint from my mental happy place. Does this look happy to you?


I mean.... what the heck is this mess?? You've got to laugh, don't you? If I didn't paint this myself, I might wonder what the artist was thinking. Ok, I admit it, I was also watching youtube videos of kinetic sculptures while I was painting. One of the vids had some really neat music. I think the music made me do it.

what is this mess.jpg

I thought it might come together better from a distance, so I hung it in the middle of some of my other art for a minute and stepped back. The colors aren't bad, but it's content is a little sharpe. The more I look at it, the more it "may" be growing on me, but I still don't think it looks quite "mine".... or maybe, my collection needed something different added to it. I don't know. I guess I'll let it hang around a while and see if I am compelled at some point to change it up or cover it over.


The only other thing I started this weekend was this canvas below. I painted the cool colors on once again as a background only. Then I added some drippy white which to me looks a bit like waterfalls. I don't know what goes on it next, but when it tells me, I will add the next part.

Sometimes canvases are fickle and refuse to talk to me for a while. I never know which attitude they will have when I buy them. They eventually tell me, well, most do. I have one that has floated around my house for several years, sometimes enticing me to put one more dot on or change a color, but it hasn't told me how to finish it up, so it is hanging on the wall unfinished. I'm weird... right?

waterfalls 2.jpg

Got up, had coffee, did a load of laundry, then showered, dressed, grabbed some of our favorite Chinese food on the way to Mom's for a visit. The food was good and so was the visit. A real pleasant day for sure.

Hope you are all doing well and the week ahead treats you nice.

Love you ~!


part 4.jpg

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