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Flowers photography of mine,hope you like it.

Hi all flowers lover, Hope so you all Will be fine and doing well with the grace of Allah almighty who is the most beneficial and merciful to us.

Today I am present to this community with photography.I also very thankful to those user who give full support and help me.


Today I visit to my university and also do some photography of natural flowers.

Today I will do photography of some beautiful and colourful flowers in the university which I want to share with you.My photography means to show you the blessings of Allah almighty.

combretum malabaricum:
It is a species of Bushwillows.
It is commonly found growing in evergreen forests.


The flowers was looking very beautiful when I captured the photo.This is the blessing of Allah who give us colours, fragrance and also give beautiful miracles of nature in our life.God make our life with full of colourness.
China rose:
Botanical name:
(Rosa chinensis)


This is also a type of China rose which I share with you.


Great bougainvillea:
It is a species of bougainvillea.
Botanical name:
bougainvillea spectabilis


This is my today photography which I share with you and also tell you a little bit about them according to my idea.

Hope so you will like my photography,thanks for visiting my post.

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