My soon to be business- LOH community contest

This week's contest is an exciting and inspiring one..

As a child I had many professions that I admired, but it changed when I was in secondary school. The idea of making money and doing business got me excited.
My both parents were government workers, and I got a wrong myth from them that business people are frauds..

Tell us about your venture, project, business, or plan to improve your economic situation.

Here in Nigeria getting a good job is not easy, the demand for job is way outrageous and I don't intend to be on that queue waiting and hoping for a job..
That's why during the one year compulsory Youth service for Nigerian graduate , Im learning a skill by the side....
There's a popular African proverb that says a man with a skill will not go hungry..

Aluminum Fabrication

I got to pick interest in this industry when I was in my home town, I would see young boys busy with cutting and coupling but I was shy to approach them...
During the youth service 21 days camp, we had 7days skill acquisition so we had several skills to choose and aluminum Fabrication was one of it.

Fabricated aluminum is used to produce windows, doors, office partitions , curtain walls , roofs, etc..

When the idea appeared, how did you make the business plan? Has it been difficult to find suppliers or inputs? Have customers identified with your service?

After I left camp I searched for good aluminum firm, which I'm a part time apprentice.
My plan is be an apprentice for
2 years to be confidently skillful and to understand what it takes to run an aluminum firm..
I will have to network with architects , engineers and estate managers..

If there's a demand for houses to be built then those houses need windows ..
In Nigeria there's a trend of using glass facades or curtain wall to design buildings...

The challenges of aluminum Fabrication is mostly finance, it's quiet capital intensive, you have to purchase machinery and you need constant electricity to power the machines..
Also there are quite a number of people in the industry, so getting engineers to trust me will be a big work...
I invite @lizzismart and @hallel to participate in this contest

Thanks for Reading 💓

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