LOH - Community contest #93

When did you begin to see attitudes towards women changing in your life, and what do you think prompted those changes? Please give some examples.

Women in the past have remarkable fought for their rights and are still fighting for equality.

When I was growing up, when it comes to career decisions my Parents were liberal,they valued education. One of our family values was independence.
My Mum was earning her own money, infact she likes to be busy. She told us how she was a tailor and training her self in the higher institution as the first child, she even assisted some of her siblings in school. Some times before my Dad sends money for school fees or feeding money she has already fixed it.

In Africa it is wrongly assumed that a woman don't have an identity or can't stand on her own without a man by her side. A lot of women have proved that adage wrong. I know of my Anty who is a Professor in one of the universities now, she's in her fifties and never got married. She has built a duplex in our home town , what I love about her is how she's passionately training other people's children.
Especially children born out of wedlock.

I also had this class mate in secondary school who lost his Dad, the school we were attending was a private school which fees cost a lot.
I was afraid the boy will withdraw from the school since the breadwinner was no longer alive. We were wrong, he didn't only finish in our school, his two sisters joined him. All thanks to their hardworking Mother.

In Nigeria, the attitude of women staying at home had to change due to increase in standard of living, the women had to earn in order to support their families. The governments and NGOs have created and are still creating platforms to financially and mentally empower Women.

Nigerians are still trying to accept the leadership of women. When a woman is appointed to a task most people will subconsciously not want to support her, even her fellow woman will not support her. We still have that mindset women are weak to lead or they too emotional to make good decisions or women like to over do things.
For me women are good leaders and mentors.

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