[Ladies of Hive Community Contest #96] My first entry

Good day!

I had a very busy day, and when I decided to take a short coffee break and check Hive, found that contest post by @ladiesofhive (Ladies of Hive Community). I went to this week's questions, and you know what?! It is something that I discussed with my friend just yesterday!

ā“Whether a newbie or veteran blogger, it would be good to have financial goals and a plan. Have you considered diversifying into other cryptocurrencies or tokens in your plans? If so, which ones would/did you choose and why?

I have my personal financial plans with all income sources and expenses, and of course with my goals. I learned a very important thing for myself and for my success. If I want something, then I should earn money to get it, instead of cutting off some expenses and trying to save money.

And one of the important parts of my financial plan is cryptocurrency. I started learning about crypto around 3 years ago, and I am happy that I didn't ignore it and decided to learn more about it. From my personal example, I can say that there are lots of different ways to earn crypto, and some of them don't even require investments. And all of us here know one of the best examples of it. Yes, it is Hive!

Hive includes different ways of earning crypto. Like blogging, playing games, staking, liquidity pools, trading, NFT, etc. I put into savings all HBD that I get. Since HBD is a kind of stablecoin and HBD APR is 20%, I think it is a no bad investment.

Currently, I have around 190 HBD in savings, and I receive a little bit more than $2 a month.

I like the idea of passive income, so I delegate HP to different communities and get dividends too. Also, delegation is one of the best ways to support those communities too. So, I kill two birds with one stone.

Besides Hive, I also have staked tokens on other platforms too. But it is a too-long story.

But if you are looking for passive income, I would recommend checking such tools as savings or staking. They are safe and easy to use.

Overall, I have around 30 different tokens in my portfolio now. And if be honest, I don't know anything about half of them. Some tokens I received as an airdrop on Binance for holding BNB tokens.

What about you? Which cryptocurrencies do you use?

@lannabeiker, women's power! :)

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