The Queen left for Britain😭😭😭

What is life? Life has no trust. Some people leave this world in youth and some leave this world in childhood. And those who grow old must also go one day. She started her life on April 21, 1926 in the Fair area of ​​London. Being a royal family, she was also married to a prince and the queen sat on the throne of Great Britain. Left behind a large number of grandchildren who will perform her last rites. Being a girl, I find it very sad to see a woman pass away and ever since I heard this news I am deeply saddened and deeply shocked. One who has a good heart and reigns over the entire world has left this world

The Queen of Great Britain had many honors, she could go anywhere in the world and she didn't need a passport, she could travel around the world without a passport and she didn't even need to get a driving license. She could drive a car, this number of honors was achieved only by the Queen of Great Britain and she had a good heart, she loved the poor herself and cared for the poor people of her country and her smile was very big. A sweetheart who will always be missed😭😭

If someone leaves, there is sadness for a few days, then the world goes on as it is, and one day we too will leave this world and new people are coming into the world, as soon as children are born and grow up, then in old age. They leave the world and then they leave the world and new people come in their place, new faces who run this world. This system will continue for a fixed period of time. Those who remember and invoke his name with good words are successful

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