Ladiesofhive contest #112-what would you like to receive if you could choose your own gift, and why?

I will need a new gown as a gift

Hi the most beautiful ladies in Hive. How are doing this morning, hope my greetings meet you in good health. It is another privilege for us to be alive today to share together quality contents that is upbuilding on Hive.

When i saw this week contest of ladiesofhive Community, i fell in love with it, LoL, i really need some gift from you and you, haha, the second topic is the one I have choosed. For those that want to participate here is the link

2️⃣ Since gifts are given at this time of year, or any time of year, what would you like to receive if you could choose your own gift, and why?

What is gift?

In my own definition, gift is anything someone gives to you as a surprise from his or her heart. You did not ask for it and he decided to give it to you. It can be money, hive, hive power, delegation of hp, it can be token, shoes, bags, clothes and many more.

On Hive blockchain, all the leaders are gift shares, for the past one month i joined hive, i have received all kinds of token from user, from Communities. For example, each time I make post here, i will receive LOH token. When users mention it as a comment on my post, I will receive another one. You can see how generous ladiesofhive Community and her subscribers are.

In this contest, i would have request for HBD, LEO token,HP as a gift, hahahaha, but i need a beautiful gown like the one I showed above. Now let me tell you why I need the gown.

Why i need gown

Honestly, 70% of my clothes are gown, and 30% of all my gown is black. I love gown so much right from when I was small. I have figure 8 shape then, hahaha, and it fits me very well so I developed Interest on wearing gown of all style. I love short gown and long gown. I don't like 3/4 gown. If it's short, it will be short, if it is long, it should be Long. That is my choice on gown so this season or any other season, i will welcome gown as gift.

This is because I will wear it regularly and you that gave me the gift, will be happy to give me another one. The gown above fits so many occasions. It is good for wedding, church program, birthday party, graduation party and many more. And most importantly, it is long gown which will make it easier for me to wear it at anytime.

As i am writing what i need now as a gift, my spirit is telling me that someone will give me a gift today, LoL. Another reason why I need the gown is because I have 3 wedding to attend this December, if only the gift can come now, i will shine very well.

I will feel good because I will look good. You know when you dress very well, there is that inner satisfaction in you. My Ladies here understand what I mean especially this season.

In summary, I have told you that I will love to recieve long gown as a gift and why I need it because I will look good on it. I know @funshee will surprise me with a gift as she always do. @chichieze will never miss giving me a gift. Our amazing , the most outstanding leader @ladieofhive will always come first. You all are so generous.

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