Ladiesofhive contest #111, How I have managed stress and keep managing it


Here comes another great week with fantastic contest. Before i Start, i want to congratulate all the winners of last week contest. It was awesome and great. For this week contest The topic on Stress is what I will share with you.

my experience with stress

I do call stress a silent killer, it goes with anxiety and depression if its not on check. There is physical stress, mental stress and emotional stress and you will not know that they are attacking your immune system until it breaks you down. Stress is a daily something and it has its own hormone known as cortisol. Stress can kill, it can cause mental problem, it can cuase serious headache and eye pain.

I have sufferd in the hands of stress and the effect was too bad. I had migraine headache for 3 months, my eyes was effected so much that when I went to hospital to find out what is the major cuase of the eye pain, the doctor told me that it is mental and physical stress. Hehehehe.

He said that i need serious rest. The one that shocked me was that he said, I should not work much again or refrain from any business for now. It was serious that i almost lost my sight. An eye glass was giving to me to manage my eyes. Hmm, several eye drops and capsules was giving to me. I couldn't co-ordinate very well to carry on my daily activities again. I was forced to stay in the house without much work again. See meooo, stress wahala.

How i managed stress

  1. Rest- For me to manage stress, i needed rest so I stopped some of the work I was doing like speaking for different companies on daily basis and push it to weekly so that I will have time to rest.

  2. Supplement- I bought an ayurvedic product called Artplus to help my brain to function very well and remove accumulated stress. I know that the body and organs will not do well if the brain stress is high.

Art-Plus tonic is a product of Everhealthy Multi-Dynamic International specially made for brain, stress, memory loss, stress, epilepsy, arthritis, brain cancer, migraine headache

  1. happiness-I avoided anything that will make me unhappy. My Son will always say that happiness is a choice. Yes, when you are happy, it reduces stress, i watched so many comedies, like chief Imo and uncle wowo. Play with my kids, sing some of the songs i love so much.

  2. Exercise- I started morning exercise regularly, this helped my blood circulation, i had stamina, my children and my sister joined me in this exercise and it was enjoying, gradually i had relief, the headache disappeared. My health improved and my eyes is improving too.

Managing stress now

Today, i have a good schedule that i follow daily. I don't force myself to anything i cannot do. I do one thing at a time now. Your schedule will not make me uncomfortable like before as i don't want to miss any business seminar, appointment etc. Now if i will not have time, i will tell you on time so that I will have rest. I have Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday now as days i take 4-6 hours to rest.

In my personal business, i made some changes, before now i use to travel from state to state to hold seminars and training but now is not like that again. All this is make sure that stress do not have control over me again.


We can see that stress is a killer and cells enemy. I have also shared my experience with stress and how l managed it and still managing it now. I will encourage all to see a doctor to know how much stress is affecting your health or start now to reduce stress so that you will not spend much treating side effects of stress.

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