Ladies of Hive Community Contest #116- I will love to travel to Venezuela


It is another beautiful week with an interesting contest in Ladiesofhive Community. This week i choosed the first question about traveling to a country i have not been before. I ask you to read what i will do in Venezuela when i go there.

1️⃣ If you are to take a trip this year to another place or country that you've never been to before, where would you go and what will you be doing there?

If I am to make a trip to another country this year, I will Love to go to Venezuela. I have not been in that country before but i have read so many post written by them. They are hospitable, they are creative, they know how to cook delicious meal, they care so much about families. Although it is said that the country had little but i tell you ,to me they live simple life.

###Where I will stay and what i will do.

As one of Jehovah's witnesses, i will first of all find out my brothers in that country and go to live with them. I will not live in the hotel. With my brothers and sisters, i have found new home. In my first week of stay, i will learn the road to kingdom hall so that i can attend meetings. I will learn how to do shopping there, yes because am going with Nigerians currency.

I will learn how to change it to their own currency. I will also learn their food so that I will know which one to eat. You know they have different foods from what we have in Nigeria. I will ask them to take me round the cities. Infact, i will be writing on hive each day to share my experience with all Hiveans here.

I will will learn how to prepare their food and also the creativity that i have been seeing online, i will see them offline and learn how to do it. I will do business survey to find out what i will bring to Venezuela or what i will bring to Nigeria to make money. When i check this and see anyone, i will become a business owner there but if not I will still find out what i will do to be busy.

Since they are hardworking people and generous people, i will start Hive promotion and hive meet up there. I tell you many if them will join. There is this kind love and unity that i have observed from Venezuela people for a long time. They live like sheep, so if i have 2 person's who are doing well on Hive, forget it, many will become Hiveans. I will make sure I achieve something great before coming back.



I will be happy and make others happy. I will make quality friends that will impact positivity in my life and i will do the same thing.

Thank you @ladiesofhive for this thoughtful contest.

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