Ladies of Hive Community Contest #117- Helping newbies on Hive to know the importance of consistency.

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It is my pleasure to participate in this week contest by ladiesofhive Community. In fact it is sometimes challenging for newbies to continue when they think that they are not getting enough from the time they put in on Hive.

Feeling bad or feeling like to quit is natural. All the heroes we know today felt same at some point in their success journey. It is not a bad feeling. But know this that quiters never write history. They are always the loosers. But Enterprenures have the success stories to share. So before you quit Hive, ask yourself, have i put in my best? Am i really doing what i need to do?

Is there areas i need to improve in my activities on Hive? All this questions will help you to examine yourself and then come to conclusion. Hive is like any other businesses out there. If you don't give your business the best, you will not get good results so patience and persistency is also required on Hive blockchain. So below is the point am going to treat now.

Scenario 1: A reputation 52 friend says that she no longer wants to be active in Hive, claiming that she can't make the time, the coin is so low valued, and only a few people ever read her posts. What could you do to encourage and help her to keep trying? Writing tips? Time management? Other?

My encouraging words to her.

A 52 reputation is evidence of progress. Default reputation is 25 and now she is 52. I want to tell her that she is still new in the system. She is on the process of learning and the at same time earning. She should not compare herself with people who have understood the system. Who have contributed so much for Hive blockchain over the years.

She should not forget that Hive is not get rich quick scheme but building platform where she will build for the future. She should read and comment on other people post.she should mak friends by reading, also join on community contest. Consistency and perseverance plus hard work will help her. If you want people to read your post, you too should do the same.

I am also encouraging her to use #leothread, may be she is finding it difficult to make long post, so she can start with short post. She can also share interesting post she engaged on using #thread. She should stay motivated as she grow on Hive. Hive is a big family with lots of incentive but as my people will say.

A patient Dog eats the fattest bone.

In building patient is needed. We are farmers not hunters so let her chear up and stop looking at the price of Hive. She will enjoy it when the price is up again so now is the right time to save more Hive and HBD and any other token she like.


As a newbie, learn new things daily on hive. Don't be in a hurry to quit. Consistency and perseverance is the key.

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