Ladies of Hive Community Contest #109-How i will celebrate my last birthday

this picture reminds me what celebration of life is like

What an interesting topic for this week contest. It has 2 topic which you can write the 2 or you choose one. @ladiesofhive always come up with something to think about especially what this life has to offer. For you to be part of this contest here is the link

I will love to write on the second question

Death is an unusual topic of conversation, but remembering death makes us appreciate life. If this were your last birthday, how would you like to celebrate it and why?

I still remember when I was small when my grandfather died. I asked my father about him and he said, he is dead. I asked what is death? And he said, you will not see him again. I asked him again, when will I see him, my said you will understand everything about death soon.

On the day of his burial, all of us were locked up in the pallor. They said, it is not good for us to come out until the burial is over. After the burial, all the pictures of him was removed and they faced them down in his room. From that day i began to hate death and to know more about it. I came across this holy writing at ecclesiastes chapter 9:10

Read more since then i came to value life the more. I now know the purpose of life and where i am going when i die. With this in mind I am going to tell you now how i am going to celebrate my last birthday if i am asked to do so.

The last birthday celebration.

  • I will make peace with everyone. I Will share what I have with my children. The remaining will go for the motherless babies home. I will make myself happy throughout the day. The cake that will be used on that day will have #hive logo. It will be the best opportunity for many to know about hive through me.

  • I will make it a big party which will involve all my enemies and friends. All my family members will be present. I will announce it that no one will miss it. It will be a day to remember. I will cook the best meal for all of them.

  • There will be testimony time for people to tell me how I have impacted in their lives nagatively or positively. I will also share with them what i have been able to accomplish with my little stay on Earth.

  • We all will dance together the best songs of praises to God and I will make provision for all of them to spend the night with me so that when they wake up in the morning and see that am no more, they will continue from where I stopped.

Why do I want to celebrate it that way?

I have so many reasons to celebrate the last birthday as explained above. It will help all in attendance to value life. It help them to always think of good things and share what they have with others. It will help them to see the need to rest, sleep, work and enjoy the work of their hands.

I will stop for now till we meet again next week.

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