A true community for Ladies (LOH #151)

Oh ladies of Hive! One of the safest space where ladies can pour out their hearts and lay down their hair without being judged, this community has trained so many writers.
To most ladies, the Ladies of Hive community is the first community they associate with and from participating in various contests they begin to spread their tentacles, little by little but progressively and this is literally my story.


I remember dropping my introduction post in this community December last year and the warm welcome I received on my introduction post motivated me to jump on the contest the next day. For the contest of that week we were asked to write about a gift we would love to receive from Santa Claus, I wrote that prompt with so much excitement and vigor that you would think I had been on Hive for months or Santa Claus was really going to give me the gift.

In this community, It’s okay to be vulnerable, bring your most poignant story and we will sympathize and empathize with you, your embarrassing moments? we are not gonna judge you, your hilarious stories? We will join you in laughing out loud. We cry, laugh, joke around, and celebrate every feat we attain as a family.

Joining the ladies of Hive community has made me see so many things differently, I have had to learn and unlearn a lot of things. Taking a peek into other ladies' lives and seeing how they live, how they handle life challenges, family matters, and everything in between feels so good. There are days I just focus on reading posts in this community and I become speechless, I got to understand the popular saying "different strokes for different folks".

I have benefited in so many ways from this community, and not mentioning the wonderful ladies I have met here would make this post incomplete. A few of these ladies have graduated from virtual "Hive friends" to real-life friends, friends that I can call whenever I am losing it or need some sort of encouragement.


This community has taught me so much about leadership, how selfless leaders can be, and that not all leaders are bad. The Ladies of Hive moderators and Admins are incredible people, I am yet to find out what planet they descended from, they don’t just support you only in the community they extend their helping hands to outside of the community too, they show you real love, they root and cheer you on, they lovingly correct you, and looking at these ladies it’s safe to say that the community chose the right set of ladies to be moderators and guess what? we all love them!🥰🥰

How will I forget to mention our very own Ladies of Hive tokens? Tipping ladies with these tokens is always the highlight of my Hive activity especially tipping newbies, I love how excited they get when the lady bot notifies them that they have been sent a lady token, it’s always nice because I remember how I felt when I first received some LOH tokens, the feeling was incredible so I always love newbies to feel that way too.

It’s our 3rd Anniversary but it feels like we’ve been here since inception as a lot has been achieved within this short period. Ladies have bonded with one another, strong and long-lasting friendships have been born, and engagement in the community has increased tremendously etc.

It’s been one hell of a ride Ladies, and no matter what happens in the future this community will always be home to us all. I pray we continue to stick around, show up as much as we can and build the community together as strong women that we are😃

Long Live Hive!
Long Live Ladies of Hive community!

This is my response to the Ladies of Hive weekly contest.

All images belongs to the Ladies of Hive community.

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