Traveling is something I love so much but then surprisingly, it's something I hardly do and I have so many reasons why but the major reason is because of lack of finance. Before thinking of traveling, I will love to have a good sum of money because I don't know what's going on where I intend going to but then, even if I don't have the money yet I don't think it is out of place to have a location in mind and also possible things to do there don't you think? And I think @ifarmgirl also thought about something like this and that's why she asked this first question for this week's ladies of hive weekly contest, hehe.

Well, without further ado, let me give you a little bit of my dream place and what I intend doing there if I ever get the opportunity to be there. As you know, it's a place I've never been to before, so I might not say all I'd love to do and experience there, hehe. I know in the end am going to mention only a few things that I will love to do there compared to what I will actually do or I might not even get to do any of these things, I hope I do.

My dream place to visit is...

I will love to visit any place outside my country if you ask me and that means that almost every country is my dream place to visit then a few places inside my country too. At the moment, the place that I will love to visit is Qatar, yes, I'd love to visit the home where the 2022 world cup took place. During the FIFA world cup, I saw so many videos and photos of how beautiful Qatar was designed just because of the world cup and having such experience of how beautiful the place was would be a great privilege for me.


What if I get this opportunity, what will I do?

Simple, I will just want to go visit all the stadiums in Qatar especially the place where Jung Kook sang the official FIFA world cup song titled DREAMER, that song is just one in a million. I do hope I get a seat and hopefully I find some footballers training there then I will do well to shoot some really nice videos and also take some pictures so I can keep that beautiful memory for a long time, hehe. After visiting all the stadiums, I will love to go around the streets of Qatar to see the beautiful places it has and of course the amazing people of Qatar. I will also love to make some few friends or as many as I can, lolz, I just love knowing people.

I will also like to go to the beach, amusement park, aquarium, mall and many more places as I can, hehe. I would love to visit everywhere safe if possible and make sure to take photos of the places and share with my Hive family of course, very important. As for Qatar's food, I don't think I will want to really taste it but it won't be bad to try it out too. I see Qatar as a place to have fun and I think that place is the place I have in mind to visit and explore beautiful places and appreciate nature.

Getting a sponsor is not out of place you know, hehe

I do have numerous places that I would love to visit like I've said before and I hope to visit all of these places if I get the opportunity to but for now if I'm privileged to get a chance to travel out of my country, I would love to visit Qatar and see all the crazy inventions they did especially for the FIFA world cup 2022, hehe. I know some of you might not be expecting this but tada!!! It is what it is, so feel free to volunteer to support me to visit one of my dream places and I will be really happy and grateful.

Thank you so much @ifarmgirl for coming up with this beautiful question, giving me the opportunity to get a sponsor to visit one of my dream places, hehe. I will love to invite @nkemakonam89 and @littlebee4 to participate in this week's contest and share their beautiful dream places with us as well.

Until next time, stay AWESOME!!!

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