Hello everyone, this is the 111th week of the ladies of Hive weekly contest and from the two questions asked, I was more drawn to the second question and I will be sharing my experience on it. Holidays are days what I naturally wish for but then sometimes the work can be really overwhelming sometimes and I do have a way of overcoming that stress and that's what I will be sharing with you on this blog today.


Back in 2013 I went to live with my aunt and in the house we were about 6 of us in the house and you can imagine how it will look when we were on holiday especially for us ladies in the house. My aunt was someone that likes piling up work for weekend's so she could cut cost of some things and that was not really easy for me and my sister because we were the only ladies including my aunt of course.
Because of how we piled up work till weekend, my sister and I will always be stressed out by the following week and that went on for more than three years because we didn't have the mind to do anything outside what my aunt wants. But then, after we left our aunt's house, we went to live with my dad and by then I already had some things that I've learnt on how to reduce stress a little and I did tried it out and it was effective and those are the things I will be sharing with you all today.

What is your formula for managing stress and becoming overwhelmed, if you've experienced it, during the holiday season?

This write up above is the question asked by @justclickindiva.

I will be explaining my formula to you in form of an illustration and I do hope you can get the formula and learn from it.
On every new day, first thing I always do is wake up early, say a prayer after which I will then do the cleaning and arrange the house which won't take long and then I move straight to the kitchen and do the dishes. Then for the days when there are laundry to do, I normally just soak them in the water with soap for like 30 minutes till I finish some other chores before washing the clothes manually, hehe.


Then, after hanging the clothes I've washed, I will then prepare breakfast, we don't have breakfast early in the house, it's one bad habit in my house, lolz but some days are good though. And in less than three hours, I'm done with all the chores and then I take my bath before eating. As a blogger, after finishing up with the chores and eating, I then focus on my phone to do my work which is mainly commenting and replying to the comment of others on my blogs until when I stop to create a content but most times I do it late in the night.
Once it's evening, I stop my commenting and go to the kitchen to prepare dinner and I do that for less than an hour while sometimes it is more, depending on what we plan on having for dinner. It has been like that for a while and it did work out fine but now I'm just a little bit lazy because I have my brother who helps out most times and I'm really happy about that but then I still have to do it on my own some times and I do apply this formula. I realize that having this formula in place helps me to not just manage the stress during holidays but to also manage time as well.

That has been my reply to the question and I hope you were able to learn a thing or two from it. Trust me, this formula works really well, you can give it a try. And you can also do well to join the contest 👉LOH contest 111 and I'd love to specially invite @nkemakonam89 and @iskawrites to join in the contest.

Until next time, stay AWESOME!!!


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