Self Defense Skill Is Highly Needed// LOH Contest Week 163

Women are always at the receiving side in the society, those that have freed us to be weak in all things find a way of getting back at us. It pains me to see when a woman is malhandled. A times a just feel like stepping in to help and at other times I feel helpless.

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This says the reasoning why we need to be trained in ways to defend ourselves in a society that is unfair to ladies.

Now, I always tell some ladies that come close to be that no matter what learn how to present yourself in a polite manner and don't sell yourself to the wrong people so they will not take undue advantage. A story was told of a lady who was badly raped by some group of guys in my community. A smart question may be asked, why did this guy's act so heartlessly to this young lady? Meditating over this I just concluded that possibly the guys asked her for friendship and instead of being polite, she insulted them and that made them to set her up.

Few ways we can defend ourselves

  • Be Polite

As ladies we need to learn the act of effective communication, be friendly and define your boundaries, don't rain abuses on someone simply because you don't see future with him

  • Dress up, Dress Well

The society today had turn to something else, people especially ladies find it fun to dress neck out. Be simply modest in your dressing. The way you dress is the kind of people that will get attracted to you. There are some dressing that will communicate that you are a lossed person and loss boys will always come to try out.

  • Learn Tautando Skills

During my days in the camp as a corp member on training we were taught the skill, as I always say, it is difficult for one person to rape a girl unless there is a common ground. Learning this skill too will help one

  • Don't Be Insistive

For instance, in the case of am robbery attach. When you notice that the guy have a weapon to the best of your interest is good you corporate especially when they demand for gadget. Live is more that meat. I have heard of girls who lost their precious life because of trying to struggle with a robber for the seak of gadget.

I just which there is a better mechanize set up for women to be protected in the society at least it will help to reduce the kind of assort we face on a daily basis.

Thank you friends for visiting my blog, I really enjoyed this topic

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