LOH Contest #148 Balancing Family, Work and Comfort

Summer greeting to all the ladies in the house and all over the world, it is such a privilege to be part of this contest for this edition. Thanks to @jane1289 the wonderful theme selection. I will be considering the second topiç.

If you are one of the breadwinners or financial providers in your family, how do you balance your work and life so your well-being won't be compromised? Tell us how you enjoy your life, your hobbies, or the source of entertainment you do, not to be consumed by stress. (non-breadwinners can join too)

Thomas Park

In this present time it is difficult for one to balance personal life and that of the extended family and friends too because of the way things are turning out. It takes the brave at heart to keep up with life as if nothing is wrong. For instance in my country the prices of things have increased in no little way, some increased with over 300% percent and most things increased even more and there is no relative increase in the economy of the people. And we are expected not to complain then for those who have lots of people looking upto them like children, relatives and even friends are under pressure to meet up with demands surrounding them.

Personally, I have children and family members who are looking up to me. What I do to help myself is to take things one after the other. Trying to achieve everything at the same time may be disasterious, what I do to help myself is to take things one after the other. I make sure to take the most important, for my kids I have to reduce the way I buy snacks because school fees is waiting for the new session and that one can't be negotiable.

To improve on my social life this summer break we decided to go for a full week break so that atleast I will get to relax for these few days and reconnect with the family. This will also help the children to know their cousins and have a change a location.

This is my entry for the ladies of hive contest week #148. I hope we get to relax ourselves despite our busy schedule.

Stay blessed

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