LOH Contest #116. Taking A Trip To Israel

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Hello sisters and friends, I hope you are doing well in this new year. Am so happy to be writing my first post in this community for the year and after a long while now.

Thank you to @ifarmgirl for this week's contest and all #loh admin you all are doing amazingly well.

Traveling is one of the things I love doing, it ranks top on my list of hobbies. Before I got married I was always looking forward to the time I will be taking a journey, and it helped me know places. In this now I will be telling you the place I will love to visit and the reason behind my choice.

You will believe me that we are just coming out from the Christmas celebration. Israel is 1 country that I have looked forward to visiting. I've had so many wonderful things concerning the nation of Israel. People from my country do visit Israel on pilgrimage, so I will like to get to see these wonderful sites I always read about. I will like to see the dead see, let me get to put my feet where Jesus did and drink from the pool he drank from.

There are lots of memorable places which I have been told about so getting to see these places will make more meaning to me.

I know someone like my friend @nkemakonam89 will like to travel to Israel too, so I will like to read about the place you have been dreaming of visiting.

Thank you all for reading over my blog your support made so much sense too.

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