Ladies of Hive Contest #90. My Passion my Happiness

Hello ladies, it is another week of sharing my taught in form of writing with you. Indo y you for my blog today. Hope hope you are fine my dear ladies. In this contest, I will be sharing with you my passion. What makes me happy. To be part of the contest friends @niglys and @helenchy do check the post.



I have a lot of things that make me happy. I always look for every possible way to make sure I include it in wine do always. Those that know me on this space can even guess it well because that's what fills my conversation.

For the contest, I will,l be sharing one of them.

Offering a helping hand to those in need is what makes me happy and am so passionate about. I always look for every way to incorporate into any platform I find myself. That's why when I came in contact with the hive platform I made a lot of consultations and looking ways to help those in my area that need need

I am so happy that I have started up with a. The first project I am working on is helping a widow with her children's fees. Secondly, I am, working on helping the woman fix protectors in her house which will make it more secure for her and the children. Well, I write on my blog seeking final assistance from those that are willing to help.


Also empowering people makes me too, of present I engage in the promotion to empower people around me which I know will help them get to sponsor themselves. The idea is to help someone who can help someone to help someone and the line keeps keeping. Sisters, I must say it is good to spread good things with those you can then send bad things. things are what am doing right now.

To this effect I have produced a hive t-shirt 👕 that helps in hive promotion in my area.

This is my little story of what makes me happy and I can do it at will. Thanks to @tibaire for this week's contest topic

All the pictures are mine

Thank you for reading my blog today

I am your friend @hivedeb.

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