Ladies of Hive Contest #136// The Day I Almost Got Drown With My Mom


Hello elegant women in this group and beyond. Hope you are doing wonderfully we in your location. It's such a privilege to be joining you in here after a long time.

Growing up there are lots of memories which we can relate with and others we can't relate with because it has been overtaken by events.

There could s this memory I will like to share with us, just promise you will not laugh so much🤩🤩🤩. Growing was so fun, I always know that in my young age I always follow my Mom up and down because I grew to meet her...yeah, we lost our Dad so early. So I follow my Mom to the point so many people thought I was the last born of the house. This day my Mom was invited for a wedding ceremony in my state Mom's hand bag decided to follow up. After the ceremony heavy rain began to fall my Mom had no choice than to back me. At this time there was no phone, no way of communication.

As we went to look for a shelter, my Mom took a step without knowing it was a drainage as people shouted they held her and carried us out.

Who can say what was in my mind at that time? Well, that experience stood out for me and that didn't make me to stop following up because adventure is part of me...🤪🤪🤪🤪

Thank you for visiting my blog my lovely sisters

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