Ladies of Hive Contes #100 Written by @hivedeb

In most cases women are the victims of these emotional scandals, well maybe because we have very tender hearts and we are easily lured by what we hear and this can be very dangerous. Women are highly emotional and need to be handled with so much care. Some persons have realized this and they use every way possible to make sure they satisfy their selfish desires.

The picture is mine

A few years ago I was a victim of a scam though not a relationship scam but the said person came with a business proposal with the name I know and that was how I was lured into the trap. You know because he sounded so familiar.

Well, something can be done to avoid all these. Some of the things that we can do as ladies are,

  • Creating Awareness: It is important to educate the female forks about this skim that so many are using on their victims which the ladies are mostly the target. When we get to know the different ways that are being used it will help us get prepared for them.

  • Guide your channels with all jealousy. Some of them get to skim through our handles for their selfish interest. If I don't know you or know someone that knows you I don't trust you so much especially if we have not met personally.

  • We should learn how to guide our heart with all meekness this is because our heart is so tender and we don't need to give them to anyhow person.

  • As ladies we should be careful not to jump to conclusions so easily.

  • Ask sensitive questions: I will not say love at first site does not exist but it should not becloud your sense of judgement.

  • Do not neglect the warning signals which some person call the red flags. Some things should not be overlooked, the things you overlook today may lock you up tomorrow

This is my entry for the hive ladies contest #100. I do appreciate @trangbaby for this week's contest. My invitation goes to @nkemakonam89 and @desiredlady to come and participate in this contest.

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