Encouraging Ourselves To Ride On With Hive Activities: LOH Contest #117

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Hello beautiful ladies, trust you are all doing well. This week's topic is so practical and trending in that's what many are facing at this present time, especially for new users who do not yet know their way about it. So thanks to @kerrislravenhill who gave this topic for this week and all the officials of this community.

I will be digesting the two questions based on a personal encounter both recently and a little will ego.

1️⃣ Scenario 1: A reputation 52 friend says that she no longer wants to be active in Hive, claiming that she can't make the time, the coin is so low valued, and only a few people ever read her posts. What could you do to encourage and help her to keep trying? Writing tips? Time management? Other? 𝐀𝐍𝐃 / πŽπ‘ ~

Just yesterday a sister I signed up for checked up on me on WhatsApp asking if we were around, so I told her yes. For some time now I deliberately refused to check on her because I have encouraged her to stay active here but she will not and for a little while she will return that there is no support, no motivation. I responded by telling her to improve her engagement level.

Most new users lack support because of low engagement. How will you engage in a blogging site just twice a week and expect a big result or you just dump your post and off you go, it does not work that way. You need to stay active.

Some time passed I will encourage hive I told him that you can use hive as a side income, how does it work on building a hobby around it and show your work from that something can be coming for you instead of showing off on-site that you don't have benefits. My speech convinced her and she signed up. hive is down but it is a good time to build both reputation and hive poweritsause you have lost of payout coming in form of hp and you can convert your hbd too to power up and this will give you more influence in the community.
Also, I know most people that find it difficult are those who just joined and have no one to guide them around the sight. I made a post yesterday on mentorship. The old users can work on having at least one user to help at a time. This will also help to give a lasting effect on the hive blockchain today. When more people know how the site works it becomes easier for them to flow.

On other hand, some people deliberately don't want to put in the effort like in the case I earlier mentioned, such person I have resolved not to waste my time with them, I have done that in time past and it hurt me so much when they don't see them giving a good effort. Now am I for those who are open to my good energy to give them good energy.

2️⃣ Scenario .: A reputation 58 girl is frustrated over her last post having been downvoted to half it’s payout by a Watchdog account accusing her of plagiarism. She. becomes angry and vows to quit Hive. What could you do to help resolve the situation? Tell her to relax? Other? Thoughts?

This question reminds me of a sister @adaezeinchrist's case a few months ago. Not up to two months after her joining hive she was cut by watchdogs for an offense she was so ignorant of. What she did was done out of ignorance but you know ignorance is not an excuse in the face of the court she was meant to serve two months of punishment. I signed her up and in truth, I was so discouraged to sign more persons up to the platform. Not to discourage her so much, I encouraged her to take the punishment seriously. And most times I refused to make posts deliberately because I was not happy with what she was facing 😭 and no one is even ready to believe your report. When she faced it, truth be told she got to support more when she was serving that punishment than before. One thing that did to her was, she learned more about how this site works so it was her first time on a blogging sight, which also exposed her more and brought out the best in her.

So many deliberately don't serve punishment when they fail but that's the best thing to do because it helps one learn lessons and know better ways to handle such issues.

This happened to me a few times, I started a humanitarian program and I made a post about it severally and was not getting good responses, then I decided to quit. Later I got to a chat on discord that encouraged me so I decided to start again. On the day I was surprised when someone mentioned me and asked that more people read my blog I was like wow!!

Also if you check my blog from two weeks ago It was terrible for me, but I deliberately refused to give up and kept making publications last week was better and I believe this will be too. So giving up should not be in your dictionary. To start with no one promised to give you a vote. This is to say the site is not guaranteed, just be sure you are working at least it's still better than some social media platforms where you get nothing but a wooow!!!

There is no issue you will pass through here on hive that is a new dear friend. Just keep your calm and do your best. Times you feel you are not being noticed that's not true you will be shocked by the recommendation you will get shortly. Just keep being consistent.

If you are a person that copies a lot, blogging should not take you so much outside energy. Write on what you see daily or what you do within your environment, don't fabricate activities because that's not going to build you in any way.

Your blog should be about you and not someone else.

Am glad I could share some experiences today. I want to invite my friend @nkemakonam89 to join this contest, check the publication here Thank you so much for visiting my blog. hive is still changing lives.

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