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@phyna : @phyna/the-bridge-of-no-return-loh-150

It reminds me of the excursion my school went on when I was in junior secondary two. I was opportune to be in the team that visited a very famous and significant place I will never forget in my life.
I can still remember the feelings after that excursion; it could be described as sadness in a grateful heart. Yes, because I was sad to learn of the atrocities that took place in my country and at the same time grateful to God that it’s now history. Our tourist guard did a good job of explaining this history from the onset of slavery to its very end. I couldn’t help but think about the progress that has been made since those dark times. So It’s my utmost pleasure to share with you the story of this famous and heart-touching historical place in my country.

@usagidee : @usagidee/loh-150-the-romantic-heritage-place-in-manila-philippines

My partner and I have only been a couple for a few months when he invited me to visit this Heritage site which is very close to our residential area. As a Filipina, it's thrilling when your soulmate invites you to visit this place because the place is so romantic and at the same time, you will feel like you will travel back in the past. Intramuros is also known as the Walled City because of the fortifications that were built during the Spanish Colonization in the Philippines. Up to this day it is interesting to observe because the Baluartes and walls remain standing in this area for centuries.

@janitzearratia : @janitzearratia/margarita-soto-my-plastic-artist-and-doula-of-the-soul-oror-concurso-loh-150

I am selecting a woman, an icon for my life and for history in my country, especially in the Zulia region, in our beloved land of the sun. A woman of the sciences, arts, and social promoter, in the humanistic, she was her own muse. From the age of 17 until the age of 77, she wore a white coat to work every day. She was a nurse by profession, and her working life was spent in hospitals. Margarita Soto was a lady artist and always a creator of life, art, health, and humanism, She was born on June 19, 1917, and she was known for her vocation of service and doula, She was a woman who since age 20, she attended about 5000 births between the hospital and others in the homes of women in labor, all births are registered with the ministry of health in my country.

@seunruth : @seunruth/the-legend-ibukun-awosika-loh

In a world where people frown at highly successful women, for me, Pastor Ibukun Awosika's life is truly inspiring. She went from being a shy Muslim girl who was only good enough to be a wife, to building a furniture business in 1989 and becoming a force to reckon with in the business world. I know we all know her as the serving Chairman of the prestigious First Bank PLC. But, do you know this 60-year-old grandmother also serves as a member of the board of directors at Cadbury Plc, a member of the governing board convention on business integrity, and a member of the governing board at Digital Jewels LTD.? Interestingly, she is not about to retire.

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