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@treasuree : @treasuree/embarrassing-day-loh-149

It was a sunny afternoon when my husband and I decided to take a leisurely walk in the park. Little did I know that this carefree outing would soon become one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. As we went for a walk holding hands, enjoying our company and thanking God in my mind that the kids were at their grandparents' place and that we had all the time in the world, we ran into a group of people who were participating in an intense game of round plastic throwing. As an adventurous couple, we decided to join the fun and show off our throwing skills. Lolz I am laughing while writing this LOLZ.

@mitch18 : @mitch18/loh-contest-149my-embarrassing-moment

A few days ago ,I had two embarrassing moment in which I wanted to disappeared in the world for a while hahaha.
The first one happened was last Friday ,I went to town to buy some school supplies needed for my son. It was a hot morning so I decided to wear a sunglasses although honestly I am not comfortable on wearing it lol.But the hotness of the sunrays is painful to my eyes so I used sunglasses.I don't know why I had that feeling of being not uncomfy on wearing a sunglasses though someone says I look good.

@graciousvic : @graciousvic/loh-149-most-embarrassing-moment

Nobody likes any form of embarrassment because whenever you remember the incident you feel ashamed of yourself. One thing I hate very much is embarrassing incidents. happen that will make you want to disappear at that particular time. It happened last year in church. We were celebrating youth day. In my church every department which includes women, men , children, youth and teens have a day assigned to them. That day they hand over to them early to perform all what they have which includes their personal presentation and group presentation like singing, drama, choir.

@ramatas : @ramatas/september-in-paris-ladies-of-hive-community-contest-149

We live in the beautiful capital of France, Paris. When September arrives this city appears in its most beloved form for me. We can enjoy both the warm weather and the greenery. The holiday season is ending but cultural events and a vibrant life await us. I want to tell you about the beauties of September in Paris and also share some of my favorite places.
In September Paris is filled with a different energy than usual. Summer vacations have ended, cafes, shops and pharmacies are returning to normal. The aroma of coffee spreads everywhere on the streets. On such days I visit my favorite boulangerie, Babka Zana in the morning and get my favorite pastries.

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