Ladies of Hive Community Contest #85

Hello, beautiful ladies greetings 🙏. here I am answering the question no. 2
What do you usually do for fun and how often do you do them?
First of all, we have to know what is fun. many definitions are there but my definition is fun that activity makes me happy, joyful, and a good feeling overall in my body, mind, and soul. But nowadays people don't have time for that because of busy life, competitions in work, education, society, earning money, Tied up under certain structures, and don't want to come out from that. The routine in everyday life, nobody wants to change it.
I am a very open-minded person for fun I can find anything for fun.


Anything means anything my work is fun for me I don't overload myself with busyness so I will not miss the charm of fun in my work. I chose the work which gives me joy and peace of mind. And it is easy for me to work with fun. playing with children, I become like a child is fun. While making food serving a funny way, and making different tastes of food, I enjoy the fun. playing games no shy play how I can. doing my hobbies so whenever I want just to sit and do the things which give me fun feelings. Walking on the road with an ice cream cone is fun. Working in the garden and talking with plants and insects is fun. Picking berries during walking in the forest that fun we do many times in the summer. If there is a good time go fishing and sit on the rock waiting for fish will come for the bait that fun we experience often. watching the birds is more fun than ever. I don't think it is very difficult to have fun. Just you need what is your choice of fun and where your soul gets more calm and happy. don't need a particular time nor season, how often? each present movement is for fun.
So fun is everywhere and everything just needs the see-through how we find it and how we can have it in each present moment.
thank you very much.

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