Ladies of Hive Community Contest #90

Hello, beautiful ladies greetings. community contest 90, the question asked by @tibaire about passion Each human being has some passion or can say each one is born with passion. But whether we keep it up it or not depends on the circumstances and the situation. From childhood to growing up our passions keep changing according to our age and maturity. but some passions stay with us lifelong, I had a passion from childhood to eat delicious food. when I was a child my mother was making it for me but after my mother died, I started making food became my passion.

making food myself and it became my passion.

The second one is I love nature since I was a child I did many kinds of adventures at that time still I like being with nature. climbing mountains, or walking in the forest.

Watching birds and taking photos of them.

Also a bit of gardening.
These passions make life joyful. this is my thinking.
Thank you, ladies.🙏

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