Hello hivers, looks like most prompts we will be getting now are all about Christmas activities and the new year celebration coming up. It's a season of love for families and neighbors (by neighbors I mean everyone) a time to make special dishes, delicacies, desserts, appetizers and all. For the purpose of the #ladiesofhive community contest, I will go with the 2nd question on a special traditional desserts for the holiday

2️⃣ The holiday season and the New Year celebrations brings about special traditions in foods. What we want to know is: what is the most decadent dessert you enjoy during this time?


One appetizer or dessert that is coming in Nigeria and is eating by all is the 'pepper soup'. It is very easy to prepare if you have all your ingredients available. You can use varieties of meat or fish like inu eran (in yoruba), oxtail, chicken, goat meat, shrimp etc. All you need is

  • the peppersoup spices
  • meat or fish
  • maggi
  • salt
  • scent leave
  • meat stock

Like I said, peppersoup is a watery spicy soup and it is easy to prepare. First boil the meat cut into smaller pieces, when it's near done add the already made pepersoup spices, stir properly then add other spices like ginger, Maggi, salt etc. Then you dice the scent leave and add to it to give it a peculiar scent.

That's all, then serve and enjoy.

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