Hello hiveans, it's the 117th EDITION of the LADIES OF HIVE COMMUNITY CONTEST and this is my first post in the community this year. I would love to answer the second question as it relates to me as well.

A reputation 58 girl is frustrated over her last post having been downvoted to half it’s payout by a Watchdog account accusing her of plagiarism. She becomes angry and vows to quit Hive. What could you do to help resolve the situation? Tell her to relax? Other? Thoughts?

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Prior to the lady's experience, I have experienced the same thing and trust me it is not easy and it is really frustrating. We all make mistakes at some points in our lives and even though we face the consequences, we are still haunted by the deeds of our actions.

So recently, I was accused of plagiarism and had to go through a long process to recover my identity. Trust me, the moment I saw my accounts being down voted, my reputation dropped, all my earnings had gone, it really dampened my spirits. I was devasted that I stayed offline for weeks before I took it upon myself to make things right. I had to consult the necessary panel and appealed my cased for redemption. I had to make quality post for months to correct my wrong even though they were yielding no profits and still been down voted.

Just like the lady with the 58 reputation on hive, I was having almost the same reputation then and I thought to quit hive, but then I research and saw members who have been blacklisted before and they recovered their accounts. Then I decided to fight it and become better. Seeing the down votes were so bad but I knew it was just for a matter of time.

While I had done penance for my actions, I usually don't get upvotes from curators who used to curate my posts like before. Although it hurts but we are grateful for second chances.

All that could be done is to seek penance for her actions and face them head on. If she quits it doesn't change anything and hive will go on. She should just accept and seek justifications by doing the right thing and all will fall in place. Just continue posting like nothing happened but be careful of not falling victim like before, because we are all been watched.

Tips that has helped me includes:

  • writing from experience : I make blog with a fusion of my experience and whatever I have read from books. You just find the uniqueness in you.
  • source contents or pictures rightly in all works
  • run your content using the plagiarism checker
  • use right tags
  • follow community rules and be mindful of the kind of words used.

In all, it gets better and all these situations only makes us a better person and gives us a mindset to do right in whatever path we find ourselves. We should be grateful that we were given a second chance after all. With this I am grateful for community's like leofinance for actually making discover my financial blogging side.

Thank you for reading.

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