#LOH contest #117 see what happens when we rise from our slumber

**The picture is mine **

Hello my beautiful ladies of hive I am so glad to be back in this wonderful platform it's been a long time I posted on hive due to the problems I have with my phone but thank God I have repair it and I am back now though I miss you ladies so much.

This week contest is so interesting and captivating Infact their was a time I found my self in this situation which I nearly give up I felt discouraged and fade up but thank God for @hivedeb who keep on encouraging me not to give up I am so lucky not to have given up I listened to her advise.

So a girl with 52 reputation who is trying to give up on hive is not a good idea at all. I know this lady have put on so many effort in this block chain that make her got up to 52 reputation quitting or stopping hive now is not the best thing to do.
Talking about time, time is not something that just come on it own we humans beens are the ones that creat time we make out time and plan how we do our daily activities, because their is time for everything depending how we plan it.
In times of not getting vote, Notting good comes easy we have to work for it, we need to be more active and punctual by posting, voting, replying other people when ever they make a post with that i am sure she will be able to get the kind of vote and comment she want she want. And for one to be able to make it in this platform, he or she most be addicted to writings because if anyone is the type that hate writing, then this platform is not for the person so I'm encouraging this girl and anyone who is trying to quit hive not to give up and keep pushing it. They will be the one to smile later. Hive is a good block chain every body should be glad to be. When we try our best and put on more effort by sharing stories and ideas we will have a lot to active.

I am inviting @hivdeb and @adaezeinchrist to join the week contest

Thanks for reading my post I still remain your girl

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