Ladiesofhive contest #90 Business; the gate way of becoming wealthy

Good day my wonderful people on hive, it's another new day and it's the first day of the week and I am out for business.
Doing Business is a beautiful thing because it have helped so many people in life most especially me. In our country (Nigeria) today, getting a white cola job is a very difficult task even with all the certificate you have acquire you need to strive for job yet no hope of getting any.
I remembered when I used to toll the whole city searching for white cola job yet nothing good to show for it. But then I have this passion for business but I was scared, with the way I will go about it because coping with customers problem is something one need to prepare for. But when I think about the situation i have been through, I summoned courage and used my saves to start up a business. I found out that selling (baby diaper) is a lucrative business in my residential area so I go Into it and it has been very wonderful and today i am a successful business woman.



Many civil servants today have engaged them self's into one business or the other because most times, the government don't pay salary on time so it is through the business that they pay all there bills.
I have so much passion for business because, ever since I started doing business things have been easy for me and on like before that I can't pay my bills and I am looking forward into expanding my business to another level.

I will like to invite @adaezeinchrist and @hivedeb

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