Contest lof #100 be careful on social media to avoid being a victim of scam

Good day my wonderful ladies of hive is so good to participate in this week contest.
First of all scam is something someone should pray never to come encounter with. Every social Media is made for fun and making friends it shouldn't be an avenue where we enter into intimate relationship with people we don't know because, all social media comprises of different kinds of people all over the glob. For someone to go into a relationship on social media is a very big risk because you may end up with a ritualist or a scammer this will make us end up leaving in regret. And again is not every profile picture people see on social media that they will add to their friends list some of them are fake. They will use something captivating and if we are not careful, we will fall into it.
My advice is that we should try and stay away from any intimate relationships on social media and I did not see any reason why people should send money to people they belly know on social media all in the name of relationship. Due to the hardship in the world today, so many people have engaged themselves into evil activities both on social media so we all have to be very careful not to fall a victim.

I am inviting @zellypearl to participate in this contest
Thanks for reading
Best regards from: @Helenchy

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