[LOH#97] Something I Can Teach


It's a new week and a fresh entry in the @ladiesofhive weekly contest.
The two are excellent topics but it took me a long to select which to answer😂. But I shall be going for this

What’s something you could teach me about?

This truly drew my interest but then I know everyone on hive is a writer therefore I can't possibly explain how to write. I can't teach character since it's something you decide by yourself.
Another thinking came, you can teach things related to health🤔, oh but then am still learning I haven't even graduated yet and yet in the university.

[Image of me today cooking]

Then I thought yeah! I can teach you how to cook😂.. seems odd, right? Maybe every woman can cook but that's not true.
I guess cooking is one thing I find delight in doing, I may not do dishes or laundry but then leave the kitchen to me.
It's required desire for it to cook daily.

I may not be any to make anything, particularly international foods but am currently learning and I can prepare my local meals.

Earlier when I joined the hive, I displayed some meals which were prepared by me, maybe as a form for others to learn. Cooking is one thing I can do without even being paid for it since it feels like a pastime.

I would love to invite @desiredlady @fotorincon12 to join this contest. You can know more about it here

[All pictures were taken by me with my phone]

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