[LOH#90] My Passion, My Happiness


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Tell us about your passions, such as painting, dancing, drawing, knitting, taking pictures, etc. The sky is the limit — anything that makes you happy is a passion


How else could I experience true delight if not doing what makes me happy?
What other term could you use to describe cooking? I do not regard this act as merely a blend of diverse ingredients, I rather see it as “a production of bliss in taste".

Cooking is one thing that brings me tremendous delight and not doing it for a day might make me feel like I did less.
Once, I received praise from my dad he said “Vic,”(just like he lovingly calls me) “this dinner you gave me tastes like it has an additional component in it, won’t you want to consider running an eatery so every other person may as well experience this pleasure that comes in your food” this sentence has me smiling like I’ve won a lottery but then I believe it’s much more than that. Hearing your dad appreciate your dish is a pass for a full daughter material😅.

And yeah, I guess I’m contemplating the eatery option, generating money with enthusiasm won’t be a terrible idea. Someone recently asked me a hilarious question occasionally, she was like “Victory, why do you draw so much delight in cooking particularly when you’re doing it for others” and I answered, “that’s precisely my joy. Seeing other people around me become connected and pleased from what I can produce is a gift to me”. The tremendous love I have for cooking has as well made me a creative minded person in the culinary arena. I could sit and construct a type of cuisine in my head, something I’ve never seen and without stress, it comes out good and I’m like “wow. This is life itself”.

Most times I do not cook because I am hungry but because I want to have that everyday great satisfaction that comes with it. I feel It’s not only about how it’s been cooked, but how well it’s been developed. My passion provides me with something additional in my regular life that I can’t swap for anything. I enjoy the flavor I make.

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