[LOH #163] Preparing For Self-Defense

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In a world where women are prone to dangers. It is important to learn some safety precautions and self defense ethics for you in terms like that.
These abuse can be physical or mentally, either ways you need to safeguard yourself. I think these topics should be taught early in schools so growing females should know these on time as they grow.
You don't need to learn how to fight to physically know how to defend yourself, what the threat is mentally how you defend yourself. Some marriages are faced with a threat from their spouse and it may seem hard to leave because of their children or the society. In that scenario you need to be always alert.

It is important to know your environment and how risky it can be and stay out of danger. If you go to a new environment do well to study everyone around and don't give anyone your trust just yet. When you're living with someone threatening you physically or mentally, the best to do is leave or set boundaries. Avoid going close to such a person.

Also you should have your safety plans always in mind which includes an escape plan. Always talk to someone about it if you receive some threat from someone or you notice some dangers ahead.
If possible carry some safety devices that are allowed like pepper spray, recorded call or immediately reach out for your phone to text someone who can be available in the scene at that Moment.

It's also not good to learn self defense skills in help like this.This is just to keep fit and read for situations like that and not used to scare people or fight.

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