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Well, this week's topic kept me thinking so hard. In terms of Christmas food at home we normally eat the same thing every Christmas which is rice. We have no special traditional food or native food we cook during this period.
Over 95% of houses in the Christmas and new year period prepare the same thing.
I know because I visit people and sometimes people bring what they cook to our house.


To be sincere I get tired of eating rice every Christmas but we can't help it. The only thing is that during that time there's a lot of chicken and salad. That's what you hardly eat during the year. And it's mostly fried rice instead of the normal rice and stew we always eat.

Recipe for fried rice
Green peas
Green pepper
Groundnut oil

Well everyone has different ways how they prepare theirs but I will be writing on how we prepare ors at home. Cooking fried rice is very easy, just slicing vegetables may be where the stress can be.

  • Put water in and allow it for about 5 minutes then put raw rice. After 15-20 minutes, remove rice to wash.
    I don't like my rice being too soft because of the vegetables inside. After boiling rice I bring it out.

  • My vegetables must have all been chopped and my chicken fried.

  • I use a different pot and put in my oil then I pour all my chopped vegetables like carrot, green peas, green pepper and stir. Also you need to put your seasonings like curry, salt, maggi.

  • After frying for about 5 minutes, put in your rice and stir them all. Taste it to check if all seasonings are okay then you put your steamed chicken water and allow it to dry.

Your food is ready!

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